No Smoking Day
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Diary of an ex smoker

This really helped me in the first week or so to understand how i was feeling and made me laugh at myself and my monster.

i stored it on my phone to give me some morale support when i was feeling weak.

Excellently written and i found it after a lot of searching on the internet

Hope it helps others...

Zozozoozeezahzums xx

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Haha, about my fourth post ever on this site was a link to that blog!

It is inspiring, and very funny.

H x


LOL! It does look pretty funny, though not had time to read most of it. On the first day of Champix today so I've not actually given up yet but hope that it works :confused:




Fi x


Fabulous glad you guys like it too!

I found it invaluable... every time i this normal??? i'd consult that gem which became my no smoking bible... its nice to go back and reread and remember too in weak times.... makes you remember what you've come through and not to do it again.... EVER! :)



that is brilliant


Hi - I tried the link but it doesn't take me to the blog, is it too mig to cut and paste on here?

Thanks :)


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