Erm, New Year, New Quit

Weeell, after surviving a horrifying time over the Christmas and New Year period I did cave in to an old smoking trigger for me. Train journey home too long, too tired, too angry, too drunk, probably too hungry as well. Not that I intend any of that to be an excuse, but I was surprised that I caved in after coping with the really bad times. Complacency maybe? Could be.

So today is a new day and I stubbed out my last fag at 8.14am this morning. Luckily I only smoked for nine-ish days after being quit for a month so am hoping that withdrawals will not be as bad as if I had been smoking again for ages.

I can't use Champix at the moment as I had been on them for too long and I was starting to feel so ill I thought I had a life-threatening illness :rolleyes:. And I daren't risk cold turkey as I get too violent lol :o. But I did still have 4 stage 2 patches and a few inhalator cartridges lying around from a previous attempt, so I've decided to use those and then erm, well, I'm not sure after that :D. Maybe I will spend the rest of my life bouncing backwards and forwards between day 1 and month 2 but I WILL NOT QUIT quitting and hopefully one day my quit will stick and last for more than 50 days or a month!!

Belated Happy New Year all,

Zoe xx

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  • Well done for quitting again Zoe. Glad to see you haven't vanished and still chuffing on the fags. It's takes tenacity and determination to keep on quitting. Just make this THE QUIT, fingers crossed 2012 is a better year for you and hopefully you won't have the same trials and tribulations of 2011. Last year was a bad year for many....lets move on....and make this the year where we're free. We're all behind you and I know you can do it.

    Lisa x

  • Aww thanks for the support Lisa :D

    One thing I do know, I can't blow day 1 now cos it's too late to go out for any ciggies yaaaahhhhoooo :p and by the time I get up in the morning I will be into day 2 so thats day 1 sorted :cool:

    Got three patches left and 11 inhalator cartridges. Patches only intended for first four days and inhalator for as long as it lasts. See how I feel then cos CT worked well for you Lisa and look at you now, almost 3 months already, despite some trying times I know xx. But you are a survivor, and sure you can teach an old dog like me new tricks, so may follow in your example yet :D


    Zoe xx

  • Keep on quitting :)

  • Well done Zoe, you're straight back on top of things again!! sometimes it's just not the right time. You keep going and you're time will come my lovley xx

  • Thanks Pip, am into day 2 and feeling better already :)

    As for my size, don't care if I get as big as planet Mars, will be smokefree and they don't sell cigs on Mars anyway ;)

    So it's all good.

    Thanks for being a friend, need lots at the mo, especially from Brum.

    Zoe xx

  • Hey you! us brummies wil always be behind the Welsh (in more ways than one I hear you shout).

    You'll get there!

    Lisa x

  • Hope this is the one for you Zoe! You need to break that 50 day limit this time!

  • Remember I'm a Brummie

    Hey Lisa I am a Brummie, just happen to live in Cardiff but I am not Welsh ;) 'The English, The English, The English Are Best, I wouldn't give tuppence for all of the rest'. :D

    Love Zoe xx

  • Thanks Barney MWAH;)

    Hope this is the one for you Zoe! You need to break that 50 day limit this time!

    Too right I do!! But a 50 day limit was my first proper quit since I started smoking and my Doc said he was proud of me :D

    So I not gonna beat myself up, just gonna try harder :p

    Many congrats on your quit, is very impressive!! Cool!!

    Zoe xx

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