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My first day today! Anyone using nicotine supplements

Hi all, it is my first day today.I am feeling like a bit of a zombie if I am honest, although I am sure that it is all in my head!

I had my last ciggerette at 9 last night. I have been using the 1mg Nicotinell tabs today.

Is anyone else using anything to assist them or do you think cold Turkey is the only way?

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Hey Emma,

CT isnt the only way, its a way ;)

I used Champix, i'm over 100 days free. Lots on here have used lozenges, look around at what they wrote, you will see no matter what way you go, its a battle.

Zombie...we have all been there. It does get better...just stick with it.



Like samartel says...CT is just one way amongst many. What's that old, there's more than one way to skin a cat. WTF when did anyone skin a cat? But hey ho. I think we all have different ways of giving up fags because we're all different to each other. Boring otherwise....just figure out what is best for you and well done on quitting smoking. As samartel says whatever method you do it by, it's always a struggle....but a very achieveable struggle!!!!! Good luck and the zombie feeling won't last long, promise.

Lisa x


This is my first day without smoking. I am trying to live without it. Please give me any suggestion.



new member

hello this is my first day as a non smoker,i am feeling pretty scared at the moment,i have smoked for 35yrs and the habit off picking up a cigerette after just about every thing i do is going to be really hard to break, i appreciate any help and support all of you can give me, and i promise to support you all back....good luck to us all:)


Hey Lainey and KettyPetter25,

Advice...geez...tongue in cheek advice would be "Dont put another smoke in your mouth" ;)

Congrats to you for starting down the path, its not an easy thing to even contemplate let alone attempt. My biggest piece of advice is this:

"Only worry about now. Dont worry about 20 mins from now, 1 hour from now etc etc."

Looking ahead is scary, stay in the moment as that is the only thing you can control. Dont worry about what you will do next weekend when your friend comes over, worry about how to get through right now...that is WAY easier.

Good luck, I'll check in on your guy's progress.



Hi to Ketty and Lainey,first well done for making the first step in quiting!.I am used to smoking just about after anything and everything too,its a real struggle in your head I am finding, more than physical effects.I smoked for 20 years and its a huge change in life,so give yourself a pat on the back.I feel like my whole life is being shaken up,ok a bit dramatic,but didn't expect it to feel like this.Have yourself a treat like a reward,am getting a new sofa with the money saved lol,am having at least an hour to run or cycle a day ( thats my way of relaxing ).Am putting myself first abit more at this delicate time!.Time to be selfish for a few weeks, while I kick the habit into touch.Good luck to everyone x x


well done all of you for choosing not to smoke today. It is a bit of a roller coaster ride giving but it does get better. I find the patches take the edge of the seat drama off things!! On day 27 today I think!! Sometimes find its hard to count lol. Hang with it like all of us on here and we can all battle togever. Good luck to u all.


Huge congratulations

bundle, Lainey and KettyPetter25

Huge congratulations for making the decision to stop smoking. I don’t know your histories but I do know from experience that it is a tremendously difficult thing to stop smoking. This site will give you plenty of support, it’s a place to boast, shout, scream, plead, ask or simply just drop in and say hi. I have been quit now for 14 months and for most of last year this forum was invaluable, even if I didn’t post I checked in every day just to remind myself that I am not alone.

For the record I used the niqurette mint things, they come in a blue flip top container and are about the size of a tic-tac. I also, totally ignored the recommended dosage as I figured however many I was taking was better than smoking. I stopped all NRT on New Year’s Day (the start of 2011) and have had no NRT or cigarettes since. I smoked for 30 years and for most of that I was on average a 20-30 a day smoker and more at weekends.

The best advice I can give you is don’t give in. Stopping smoking is so hard that I won’t begin to explain the pain but take one moment, one day, one week and one month at a time and you will be amazed just how quickly time goes. People talk about how sanctimonious former smokers are, I can tell you that there is never a good reason to be annoying but former smokers now exactly what it is all about, they know just how hard it is and just how much effort it takes and having experienced it all I still enjoy talking about it.

I hope this helps – don’t stop trying!



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