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12 Day's Nicotine Free

Lexree1 Week Smoke Free

Looks like the last time I was on here with about 2 months ago I had just begun Champix and was on day 8. Today I am on my third pack of Champix Day 12 I am almost to the end today I am 12 days Nicotine Freeeeeee

Never thought in a million years I could go 12 days without having a cigarette!!!

The Champix has helped me so much when I thought it wasn't even working a couple weeks ago

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hi Lexree

don't think ive welcome you to our little family.

so welcome,you have chosen to do a good thing,

its not a easy road,but you can do this.

cant advice on champix but other will advice you,

you take care 😊

keep kicking 😎

NozmoValued Contributor

So that's what Champix looks like! I imagined a huge tablet for some reason.

Congratulations Lexree , sounds like you're enjoying being free of the old nicotine.


Great to hear from you again Lexree and congratulations on 12 Days smoke free, well done!

Below is a link to some pinned posts worth a read if not already done so:


Keep in touch with us when you can :)

CocoaXChangeValued Contributor

Congratulations Lexree.

Great weekend to all.

Atta13 Months Smoke Free

Congratulations, they are amazing ain't they. Well done you x

Jared01Valued Contributor

Welcome to this great supportive forum Lexree - share your experiences with us, good or bad, it will help and encourage others here :)

Well done on 12 days!

Lexree1 Week Smoke Free in reply to Jared01

13 see I'm already losing track LOL

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Lexree

How are you getting on now Lexree ?

Lexree1 Week Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Better much better looks like I made it through the nicotine withdrawals so I'm really happy about that I'm starting to feel like myself again but still have the cravings

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Lexree

Good to read Lexree - yes, you will still have cravings but should be less severe and frequent as times goes by, just take it one day at a time, but also, ready to attack at all times for those out of the blue cravings :)

taurean72 Years Smoke Free

Well done, Lexree! Yes, you can do this, it's not easy, but with focus and determination it's definitely doable.

Your picture reminded me of what a lifeline champix was to me. Every day I reached for that pack, and made it thru another day. I honestly don't think I could have done it without them. They really lessened the cravings that had been my downfall on so many other failed attempts. I think as well they gave me confidence that I could actually cope with life without a cig in my hand.

But most of all it has been the encouragement and support of this community that has kept me going. Here you can share with others who understand and have or are currently going through it. Stay close and post whenever you need.

Keep going, you're winning!!

Weeeeee Lexreeeeeee. You are doing it! Keep up the great work!

PS i used chantix and a straw to fake smoke for hand to mouth habit... Beat eating everythi g in the house lol

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