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Month 3 and free! Calling October 2011 quitters

Woo hoo I've quit for exactly two months today and entered month 3. I must admit I thought I'd never get there especially not using anything to help me quit, but there you go, who'd have thought it (not me that's for sure).

Just thought I'd do a roll call for all October 2011 quitters too as I'm not sure who's still with us......So come on Octoquitters...all present say aye! Say it loud and proud :)

Lisa x

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Aye......still here Lisa:D Slowly plodding on, must admit I'm having to keep reading this forum as every so often the "bad voice" keeps a calling :eek:


Hey chickendoodle....Stay with us, we can do it together. Too many of us October quitters have gone, we have to show the others that the October quitters DO NOT quit quitting. Alliteration trophy goes to me ker-ching!.

No seriously, I hear the demon too but it's your mind trying to trick you. It's very devious your mind and tricksy like that Gollum. Anyways, show it who's boss and be strong.

Lisa x


We will show 'em October quitters will stick together. Must not falter now, cant go through all that again :(

Actually feeling pretty amazed and proud that I've made it this far as I've only ever managed to go a week before and here I am on 9 weeks tomorrow :D I KNOW that if I can get over Xmas not smoking I will have cracked it!!

Sue xx


You're right we can't go through that mare again!!! And christmas will be our testing time...people had better watch out if I feel like popping they may be wearing the turkey on their heads like Mr Bean.

Going from 1 week to 9 weeks is amazing...we're doing fantastic and it would be rubbish to undo all that and smoke. The fag would be pretty rubbish too, I remember from my scores of failed quits, the actual fag you smoke is foul!

So here's to us, chin, chin.

Lisa x


Day 82 and still a duracell bunny


I'm more like Ariston...and on...and on....and on.

On a positive note, I just realised with all the money saved from not smoking, I've managed to buy all my sons xmas presents with the money!!

That is freakin great.



Day 66 for me. Must admit, the last 10+ days have been absoluelty brutal, but sticking with it.

In Canada, where I live, a pack of smokes is $12.75. So, I've saved over $800 so far not smoking. Amazing.

Doing my best, hoping I can hang on by this thin thread...

I wish someone would have told me that month 3 is brutal.

Hang in there everyone.


Still here...just!!! Day 76 I think (though I have succumbed to half a roll up so perhaps I should be back at day 3)

I'm finding it VERY difficult at the moment

Well done everyone else're all doing brilliantly.

Happy Christmas



Aye, still here too. Day 53 or 54, can't remember!

I've had a really tough time over the last week or so, had my lorry (horsebox) tampered with by some barsteward, had my bank account wiped by another barsteward, and my car has broken down twice in the last 4 days!

Sooooooo close to lighting a ciggie.


Still here...9 weeks today :)

Well done everyone - enjoy a smoke free Christmas and New Year!



Good to see your still quit D M. well done for nine weeks

alllthe best

Mash x


Hey fantastic well done you Lisa of bostin Birmingham

Mmash x.


Im still here day 70 today:D


im still here!

Been quiet for a couple of weeks as been finding it really difficult.

im now at 2 calendar months yesterday so 62 days done!

seriously stressy and was worried about being a misery guts throughout xmas and ruining it for everyone :(

its 2.20pm xmas eve im sat with biscotti baileys and watching polar express with son and looks like i wont be the misery i thought lol.

happy smoke free xmas to all and well done all october quitters and all non smokers xxxx


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