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October 2011 Quitters

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Roll call time....not sure whether I've put this in the right month. The October quitters have been or soon will have been quit for 6 months. So it's time for a roll call....for all those rascally pirates that quit in October and are still sailing the quitting sea......all say oooaaaaaaarrrrrrr.

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Six whole months, half a year for you next Friday Lisa :D

Not too shabby, not too shabby at all :cool:

I'll bet you're absolutely chuffed, and why wouldn't you be!

Champion effort! :)

Present and ship shape capn!!!


Gah! Dave you just had to didn't you! Congrats on your 6 months and thanks Capitan for congratulating me on mine. It all seems to have gone rather quick now....time seemed to drag and drag at first. I'm a bit rounder but feel so much better for quitting. Here's to all us canny quitters!

"Round" of applause for Lisa and Catman Dave on reaching 6 months.

The penthouse is getting closer just stay away from the "Penthouse Roof" :D

Ay, me hearties, a big CONGRATS to all of you on completing six months! That deserves a double pic celebration!

Alex. :rolleyes::D

Contratulations to all of us I say! What an achievement - am very proud of us I must say!


Congratulations to you all...just hitting my first month cant wait to make it 6, by then you will all be a month away from the Penthouse!!!:D

Congratulations to us all. We are on the road to the Penthouse well and truly now guys and gals :D

After the crap few weeks that I've had I didnt know for sure that I would be here, BUT, I am :D and I just keep thinking N.O.P.E

Hello - I'm still quit, and almost at 6 months, although been thinking about the devil ciggies a lot over the last week.

Won't give in though!

yay! Marie and chickendoodle....glad to see you still with us....mash is still quit, so that makes erm....6 of us still quit so far. Hope teleguy is still with the quit and finding things better. And there's always the exploding tropical! Fabuloso.

Bumped cos there has to be more October quitters out there! Don't be letting the group down!

6 month milestone met for me today! Have definitely turned a corner and can honestly say I'm a happy ex-smoker.

Next job...get rid of the extra pounds I'm carrying! Feeling positive about that too now. As I no longer need my dose of will power to stop me from smoking, I can use it to stop having that extra chocolate bar :)

Congratulations to us all and thanks lots for your support along the way!

x :) x

me me me me me:)) x

hey fantastic dangermouse your still here WHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEE HHHEEEEE, its absolutely fan tastic. i had an orange today, first one since i quit . it was trully scrumptious not like any orange iv ever eaten before my mouth just burst into summer.

mash x

7 months...done!!! :D


i just wanted to congratulate all of you its plain sailing [well mostly] now but now you are all strong and can cope with whatever life throws at you

and also i wanted celebrate my one year four months and one day anniversary as i have no milestones close by so felt like i needed a mile stone moment and hey everyday is a milestone if you think about


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