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Calling all October 2011 Quitters

I know we had one not long ago...but I can't find the thread....anyone still here from October 2011 say aye please. xxxxx

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Also, can any one answer me this? If i stopped smoking on 31st october (did not smoke that day) did i stop on 30th or 31st? I smoked before bed on 30th October before midnight. Im saying 31st but how do you see it? Thanks x


aye aye...143 days

whats the picture?: its a creature called an 'aye aye'

is it real?: yes

where is it from?: madagasgar

do i want one?: yes (aswell as a penguin)

....done this thread before :D:D:D


I know, I know...lost the thread but also I wanted to sound like a pirate again....and see our lovely, cute mascot. LOL!


aye aye from mash wants to be in madagascar with aye ayes. theres another thread touting for business from papua usa not new guinea sound a bit dodgy to me but im still standing after quiting in oct.

mash x


Yes!!!!!!! Memememeeeeeeee!!!

Thinking about getting a pet with all the money i have saved

What says you about this scamp


Is that Donald Trumps Dog....thief!


That's very insightful Tomb888


I think us oct quits are being watched. beware vultures circling overhead .

m x sshhh


I'm here

Andiebaby - I consider myself to have stopped on 30th October, I had my last cigarette at 10pm that evening, I didn't have one on 31st, so therefore I didn't stop that day, I stopped the night before! :D


Andiebaby you're an october quitter, simple as. Wouldn't want it any other're doing ace!


Aye aye all the way...can't believe we're all nearly at 5 months quit now....just amazing.

My huspand is doing really well too - we quit at the same time (and our household was calm and joyous and full of laughter for 3 weeks - NOT!!!). He decided to use the money he saved on cigarettes to buy a rabbit/hutch/toys/bedding etc...who is the cutest thing going and I love him very much (the rabbit that is). However - OH has conveniently forgotten that I paid for his sodding fags! Me! And my reward for his giving up smoking is to clean out a rabbit hutch....:rolleyes:

Sorry - but had to share the consequence of quitting with you all (don't know how to make it smaller :()


AAAWWWWW Blesss. imso glad i quit i would never have seen your rabbit otherwise. its warmed the cockles of my heart.

mash x


aye rastafariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Still going strong, respect to the October quiters, keep up the hard and well deserved work, the body is our temple, look after it...............ONE LOVE PEOPLE


Cool d4l.....way to go....nice to see you're still with us! I know Teleguys still here too. Strong is the force in this group......!!!! Woot woot

P.S. Your rabbit is so cute, what's his name???? I'm trying to get my husband to have a rabbit......I'm seriously working on him, now we have a kid, I'm using it to my full advantage . "You want our son to grow up with no pets, how lonely he'll be!"....mwah ha ha ha ha. Anyways, cute rabbit.

P.P.S Right just thought I'd try and check but....Chickendoodle, Dangermouse and Donnadreamer are also still with us so that makes 12 of us left...and there may be more that haven't responded to this thread yet....about 43% of thr group retained, not bad at all, keep going october quitters....woo hoo!

Lisa x


The October crew is doing so well - very proud to part of it.

Rabbit is called Boris - and everyone needs a Boris in their lives...:)

PS. Lisa - loved the post about cats...I love cats, but you described the little buggers perfectly! At least Rabbits are pleased to see you when you come in (even if it is food related) and can't spew up hair balls!:eek: And they can't burp or fart either apparently -going to move hubby out of bedroom and move Boris in! :D


He looks like a Boris....a Boris Johnson...I think it's the hair LOL! And indeed I think the world would lose it's shine without Boris's in it.

Yeah, cats and I have an understanding now....I appreciate them, they appreciate me but we have a dance space between us, a la dirty dancing :)

Do rabbits snore?.....cos if they don't then I'm shipping the hubby put too. Well done us must be nearly 5 months quit now...huge well done from me and huge congrats from Boris as he's very glad you're his new owner and has smoking (the giving up of it) to thank for it.

Lisa xxxxx


Hi guys sorry not been on but been busy. Im still here and still quit!!!!.

4 calendar months yesterday whoop whoop, well done to all of us october quitters we sure are made of strong stuff.

never quit quitting

jenni x


Woo hoo...jenni. That's the best way to quit. Forget about it, forget about the fact you once smoked. But I'm really glad you checked in with us and that you have remained quit. Fan-bloody-tastic. Yes us OCtoquits are going well and you've pushed our stats upto a lofty 46% still quit. Couldn't be more proud to walk into month 5 with you guys.

Let's do a silly walk to celebrate.

Lisa xxxx


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