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Really wanted to smoke today whilst having a conversation with my line manager who is an absolute bumhole. I wish karma would come back and bite horrible people such as her in the ass. WHy do really nasty people seem to get on in life and nice people get shit on. Anyway....just wanted to vent. This was an out of the blue trigger as she ambushed me into a meeting I didn't really want. Biatch.

P.S. Although she reduced me to tears (yes very embarrasing I know..I can't even blame PMT either)...and I wanted a ciggie. I couldn't let her have the satisfaction of making me smoke as well. There was no way this tommytanker was gonna trigger me to way. At least I'm proud of something today even though she drove me to a meltdown!!!!!

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Well done Lisa.

I have one of those too, drives me bloody insane and this week has been particularly bad and every day I have nearly been driven to smoking again.

But.... I'm still a non-smoker for which I am grateful!


karma will get her maybe not straight away but it will i am a strong believer in karma


:D:D:D Well done Lisa proud of you for not giving in. Pat on the back for you.


Quit: 14.11.11

Proud member of the November N.O.P.E group.

Live long and prosper.

And merry Christmas to everyone.


Welcome back Lisa :D:D


Well done for staying strong! You have done so well :)


Well done Lisa - don't let her make you quit your quit.

I had one of those managers - nasty creatures who will get what they deserve one day.

I think you're doing so well to be able to stop smoking with someone like that as a manager. Shows just how strong you are!


Lisa, Im a manager, but before that I did every job I could find. I find that the biatch managers at my place are the ones who have never worked for another company, never mind done another job.

There is one in my place that just belittles every member of staff lower down the ladder than her, I could punch her lights out sometimes. I think people like this also believe that by putting someone else down they make themselves appear better.

My reaction to people like this is to imagine them naked. No one is scary or intimidating in the ****y.:D:D:D:D


I love Karma an ex manager of mine was attacked by a swarm of bees after lying through her teeth and i dreamt it before it happened hahahahaha. i felt like i had magical powers afterwards and the beauty is i only ever wished her well. its a funny old world... she got a nervous illness and her hair fell out.

Mash x


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