No Smoking Day
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Well here I am on Day 9 and something very unusual happened today, I actually got some good news (for a change :rolleyes:). But the weird thing is, it made me feel like a cigarette? Huh? And it was the first really bad craving I've had in my quit this time round. Maybe it was because I wanted to celebrate, and in the past the first thing I would have done would have been to light up? Or maybe its because I am so used to bad things happening I am hardened to them and don't know how to cope when good things happen? I will never understand myself :confused: Anyway I didn't smoke and the urge has gone now. And I got some not so good news to counterbalance the good news so back to normal I guess :( If I ever work out what 'normal' is.

Hope you are all having a good day :D

Zoe xx

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Share the good news then :D Im glad that some things are going your way now hunny, maybe this is the start of something good for you.

Lillie xoxoxox


Hi Lillie,

Well it wasn't much, but it will give me about £6 extra per week. :)

Zoe xx


Hiya Zoe,

Great to hear you've had some good news :) Makes us all smile knowing you're smiling... Well done on hanging in there and staying strong, and you're right - this is the start so something good ;)


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