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anyone else in/has done month 4 had this....?

for the past few days iv had a really heavy chest like iv smoked a fag ! been coughing a little bit, just a tickly cough nothing heavy but definately feel like iv smoked one but i havnt! other strange thing was though that when i walked past someone in town having one it made me cough real bad

today iv had the worst cravings in a long time aswell. REALLY wanted one this morning and it was quite distracting at work. no idea whats bought all this on :mad:

anyone else had similar?

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I did have some wierd symptoms a few weeks ago.... it was very odd. I started coughing for no reason, and other peoples smoke made me feel very ill indeed.

I never felt like I had a heavy chest though, and certainly never felt like I had smoked.

No matter what though, not smoking today is what matters.

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

I found that I was OK in month 4, but I have hear of others having something similar, and I've found this post


Hi, I would always suggest that you see a doctor if you anyway worried about your health.

TBH I was quite scared when I was around 3 months into my quit, I have been going to the gym and thought that I was pretty healthy - then all of a sudden I couldn't walk up the gym stairs let alone complete the circuit. It was quite scary - and - although the doctor I saw was not much help - I felt all the better in my head for going, he did sound my chest and said it was all clear - he prescribed me with a asthma inhalalor - saying if would not be a permenant thing, explaining something about the tubes had narrowed and would re-oppen eventually?????? - am much better now - BUT - not yet as fit as I woukld have hoped.



But equally Jim could well be right and it might just be a cough :D

It has almost been 4 months for me, and I do sometimes get a slight tight chest . I have just gotten over a cough.

Hang in there. Over the past week I have had my strongest 'cravings' since week one. I have even been dreaming of smoking.

Thankfully I've had no coughs, though I do feel like I've had just about every other side-effect of quitting ...

Strongest cravings - weird isn't it - the icky threes on month 3 - I had a blip at Day 100 ....

Smoking dreams - very very common, apparently - someone on here (Dubbs?) said they look forward to them - or enjoy them at least - because that's the only way they get to smoke these days - which is one way of looking at it.

Must say, my first smoking dream I woke up in a cold sweat, confused - and checked my fingers for a smouldering nub ... the fact that the deam involved my ex-wife divorced over 15 years previously wasn't as important as checking whether I'd actually smoked or not !


The dreaming of smoking is the weirdest and most unexpected thing that I have encountered. Last night I dreamt that I asked a complete stranger for one drag of their cigarette. The night before I had a dream that I found an unopened pack of cigarettes...I don't mind the dreams. After all, they are just dreams.

Very strong urges too

You'll see from my other postsrecently I've just managed the 100 day milestone.

I haven't caved in at all but this week has been murder - I'm crunching my way through more sweets than since week 2.

Got that sensation in my cheeks that I associate with - need a fag.

Very Bizarre !

thanks for the replies. maybe i just have a cough. its just odd cos iv never "just" had a cough before. its always been related to smoking!

still got the weird chesty feeling today but thankfully the random cravings seem to have subsided. today is another day :)

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Well I'm just pleased to see that a post about a heavy chest hasn't led to an obvious boob reference, until now that is :D:D


not being funny, but, how can you say that if you've smoked since the age of 12?

you could say you've never "just" done anything - that anything has always been related to smoking.

... I've never "just" cut my toenails before - it's always been because I was a smoker...

Just being a devil's advocate!



i totally do not get what you are getting at there....toenails??? is that a bit of a fetish coming out there..??

just let it out. we wont judge i promise!

i still dont see the point.

im clearly having a blonde moment.

what i was saying was that any cough iv ever had previously was a smokers cough or a cough made a lot worse due to smoking

therefore apart from before the age of 12, i have never had "just" a cough - if u get me!?

Hoovering the cat?! :eek:

how do you know, if you've always been a smoker?

i just do !!!!

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