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Yes i did fall

Hello everybody.

Firstly, thank you for your kind posts last week.

Sad to report that i did give in but i am no not going to beat myself up as it was due to the circumstances and i don't think many other people that were new to quitting would have stayed strong.

I am pleased to say that I wil be back to giving up this evening /afternoon, just getting everything ready.

Will be back later once quit has started.

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Good for you wtsn :D I know what you mean about circumstances as I caved in after 50 days due to finding myself in an awful situation, and I don't think many new quitters would have survived that one either :rolleyes: But I am back on Day 8 now and I am finding this quit a lot easier than the first one. Maybe because I know what to expect this time, whereas last time it was a journey into the unknown.

So I wish you well with your new quit, keep us posted as to how you are getting on.

Zoe xx


Good to see you back......

Wishing you well with your new quit

Michelle :)


I hear you loud and clear.

I didn't get off to the best of starts myself (reference my post: Hear we go . . .) :(

Well done for getting straight back into it, though! Don't be discouraged, and don't be affraid to make a few mistakes -- that's how we learn to win.

We're all here to help, and I'm going through the same as you right now. I'm DETERMINED to make tomorrow my first completely smoke-free day.


Good luck with this quit wtsn :)

Stay strong (easier said than done sometimes I know) :eek:



Hiya wtsn

Dont wory too much about the false start, Im sure everyone on here, myself included, have had more false starts than we would want to own up to.

What matters is that you dont stop stopping.

Own your quit, do it for you no one else. Record your reason on the *reasons to quit* part of the forums, revisit them whenever you feel like starting again.

Take each step one day, one hour, one minute at a time. Do whatever you have to do to get through that one day, I used to tell myself I wont smoke today and that got me through.

Be strong, you can do this if you want to and thats the secret, this time you have to really want to.

Lillie xoxoxox


Good luck , .......practise makes perfect:D

Regards Trev


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