No Smoking Day
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hello yes i have jumped into day 3

;) morning all ,

what a good feeling, day 3 ,and feeling good this morning,ready for the day ahead.

think i will take the dogs for a long walk and get as much fresh air as possible.

got lots to do so will be busy busy busy.....

Roll on summer time. good luck to everyone else !.we can do it...:)

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Hi Alison, well done, you sound really positive that's great.

I am just about to take my dog for a walk, like you said fresh air I am going to fill my lungs with it and not with smoke. Joan xxxxxxx


Hi karri & joanie,

Thankyou , had a long walk with the dogs, cleaned the house from top to bottom. amazing how much free time we have without having to smoke !!.

makes you think ,all that precious time wasted on smoking.

Not long and i will be in day 4 yipeeee !. have got to see the no smoking man tomorrow to blow in that reading was 46 he said it was high, but all ready knew that as i use to smoke one after the other..

hope you both are having a good day.

keep strong xx


Looking good for day four. Stay quit Ali.


Woop woop!

You go girl! :D Onwards and upwards.


Well done, I have been for a long dog walk today too :)


I dont have a dog, so I guess Ill just have to chase the rabbit round the garden or something LOL :D Day 3 for me tomorrow.. bring it on...

Well done to you and keep up the good work & enjoy your long walks x:cool:


75 hours nicotine worse than ever!!! How long does this last guys??? Can I borrow a rabbit or dogs to chase..........


Helllllllllp.... Im on day 3 and it seems like its lasting forever !!! Im feeling really bad today, When I first woke up I was fine, but as the day has gone on, ive been feeling worse !! I feel really sick, have really bad cravings, the inhalator is making me feel even sicker.. is it really worth all this :confused: I really need to stick with it, and hope that tomorrow is better ?!?! If it is still the same or worse then I dunno what Ill do.... really dont want to let the cigs win, but its getting soooo hard :( please can someone tell me it will get easier?? Days 1 and 2 were Ok, its just today... I thought as time went on it would get easier, but it seems to be getting harder ?!??:eek:


thanks for all of your encouragement, I know I can do it, its just hard when your head keeps telling you just to have '1' but Im determined not to let them little demons get the better of me .. Nearly over day 3, and Im gonna try to keep busy during day 4 tomorrow, and see how things go :o x


Keep going, it will get easier, just go to bed and wake up fresh tomorrow.:)


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