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92 days quit :)

Hi all,

It's been forever since I was here. Actually I last posted on a previous quit a couple of years ago. I quit so often I felt a bit embarrassed about posting here again because then you'd all know... I didn't stay quit (5 months that time around).

So, here I am, 92 days this time. And, in fairness I have been through quite a lot in those 92 days. My best friend's son was murdered, house move not going ahead, etc etc, you know, life. I haven't once given in and smoked. I still have a pack with 6 cigs in there, sitting on my bookcase, from the day I quit. But, I still want to. I still miss it.

I do get the physical crave pangs every now and then, perhaps 3 or 4 a day but those I can shut up with food :) (have gained 1 stone and counting). The worst ones though are the just missing the time I used to take to go and sit in my garden with a coffee, I liked doing that. I liked having the little bit of me time, the reward. I didn't even mind the cold or the rain (I have a lovely little gazebo), my garden place is lovely, but I can't go out there because if I do I just really want to smoke. I've tried just sitting there with a coffee but I crave and come right in. It was exactly this that got me started again the last time.

Do any of you have a particular thing which has been really tough for you? How have you got through it? I am determined this will be my last quit, I really don't want to have to ever do it again :o

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Congrats on 92 days!!

I have a "thing" that I miss...driving!!! I miss the smokes when I drive long distances. Just this past weekend I had to go out to my parents farm to help out a bit...and I even thought about it on the I "loved" smokes on the long drives. But I also "loved" GI Joe toys but I have grown up....LOL

I'll let you kow once ice fishing starts...i'm sure I will be missing them then too!!




Well done on 92 days. Apart from persevering and riding out the odd crave, I read supportive comments on here and glance at my daily quit stats and do find that helps.

Stay strong.



I hope this quit's a sticky for you. I don't think most people quit the first time around, no reason to be embarrassed, its an addiction plain and simple. I felt like you about taking time out, for me it used to be after I'd got home from work and got tea on the go and had just time to pop out for a (quick) cigarette before checking the food again. I don't really think about it now though. I think you just need to retrain your mind not to expect a ciggie. Go and sit and enjoy a bit peace in the garden and if you start craving, let it ride. Don't come in. If you do it enough hopefully nicodemon will give in and leave you in real peace and you'll break the association. :)


Thanks everyone, well I got through another day. It was a hell of a day too, we cremated my best friend's 21 year old son today.

I'm finding the not smoking in social situations ok now, I really don't want one and I can't help but think how minging people who smoke smell. So that's all good, I do think I'm well over the worst.

I'm going to keep trying to pop out into the garden and as you say, ride it out. I suppose there's no reason why I can't go for a reward 5 minutes without the fag eh. I've got to get over that last hurdle.

I tell you what helped, just a minute ago I looked at some day 1 posts... ooh how I empathise. I really don't want to have to do it again.

Thank you again xx


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