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Day 6- Keeping Busy

First thing I want to say is that this forum is definetely one of my most important recovery tools for this journey. A BIG Thank you for all who post and all those who view, your stories are helping me so much! Education about others experiences make it a lot easier to be aware of what is going on with us.

Anyway woke up with a ton of energy today. I ran outside about 2 miles felt a more of a tightened chest than yesterday I had about 2 cravings so far. I find that keeping busy and being productive is the best way to get through the day. Doing things with my hands and arms such as "shadow boxing" haha, toothpicks, reading, typing, writing, all things to get me out of my head is a good thing. The nicotine is physically out of my system, but now it is how I am thinking. Staying positive about being a NON SMOKER now is a huge help as well. If I start getting down on myself or start lying to myself that one ciggerette will feel great I will be on the path to smoking again. Reducing my risk from an early death from smoking is a huge accomplishment.

I'm also one who needs to feel the effects immediately with everything. With not smoking I definetely feel cleaner, my senses are better, and physically I feel so much more confident. There is nothing good that comes out of smoking. zero!!!!!!!!!

Good Luck to ALL, if we can get through this we can get through anything!

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Yay for Day 6 :D

I'm impressed with the running - take it easy and build up... But its fantastic - keep it up, a little each day and you'll really start to feel the effects...

I was the same when I woke up this morning - felt pretty good... Normally I'd hit the snooze button for half an hour or so, but today I woke up just before my alarm went off and was awake... No snooze button, I was up...

Congrat on passing another day... And I really want to reiterate Geno's thanks... there is no way I'd be feeling this good if it wasnt for this forum - this place is definately the best tool in the arsenal...

One more day and we've got hit the Week - big mile marker!!! Keep at it everyone, like Geno says - together we can do it


Big Congrats to you Chris.........a week tommorow, so awesome.... didn't think we could last a couple hours right? Amazing....... good to hear from you.


Likewise fella... looking forward to tomorrow and being able to say week 1 -


Everyone is doing so awesome... Really didn't think we'd get this far... :-D


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