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Day 4 - A Long Tough Day


Hi all...

Can I say first of all - congratulations to all for getting another day under your belt :-)

Today has been a tough one. For a number of reasons I think...

Day 3 kinda skipped by. The morning was ok, but @ lunchtime, I almost had bit of a bump. Inhalator helped, but I knew it was a moment when a hurdle would be crossed. I was washing some dishes a decided to clean the cooker/oven. Then the fridge, then the cupboards, microwave, kettle, toaster floor. Needless to say the kitchen is spotless, cooker is back in the same state it was when purchased (well nearly). I live in work residence and the kitchen is communal, so that 5 hours took me into the evening. It was great, didn't even cross my mind to have a smoke. One of the girls I live with, and one of my main motivators to stop sat and chatted for quite a while. Told her about stoping, so have someone here to support me now too. She has been amazing. But... I put her on a train this morning, so she's away for the next few days. Not taking anything away from you guys, I'm almost certain that without this forum and the support here there's a very high likelihood of regressing. But its nice to have someone close. I have complete and utter admiration for anyone quitting whos OH smokes... Kudos to you...

Anyway, Day 3 - sorted! Today has been another matter. I've read a few posts saying that day3 was the tough one. Well for me its been today, day4. This morning wasn't too bad, in fact it was lunchtime before I realised I hadn't changed my patch. But all day, I've desperately wanted to go out and buy a pack. I know its not an option, but I've been unable to shake the feeling. Have toothache now and had what feels like the beginnings of a headache which hasn't materialised. Several patches of light headedness, which passed. I don't know if the timings of the journey, because i miss my flat mate, or because I've not been as busy today, but today has not been an easy one, not even close. Were at the close of the day and I'm hoping tomorrow is better. Things this evening have been agitating me, another flat mate, who i normally get along with has been annoying the heck out of me. Several times I've wanted to say "please stop talking", but held my tongue. And little things too, grrrr. Really hope that feeling goes soon.

Several have mentioned about dreams. I think that is a positive, last 3 nights I've had awesome dreams. Hope that continues :-)

Anyway, I'm still here and hanging in there... Well done everyone... Another day over, onto the next :-) *hugs*

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awesome that I can connect with someone with our day count... keep it going though, the thoughts are just thoughts, and we have everything to gain!!!!!!!!!! talk to you on day 5!

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