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At last.......month 2

Hi everyone,

Today is day 32, the longest I have managed to quit in a long while. I am however beginning to find this all a bit of a struggle. If it where not for the patches and lozenges I am not convinced I would be posting this :rolleyes:

My OH had a couple of ciggies yesterday after being quit for almost 6 weeks. I really wanted to smoke one but said to myself that would be using my husbands slip as an excuse to smoke and lose my quit. Not a good enough excuse I decided so I am still smoke free.

I thought a couple of times today of cadging a ciggie from a work colleague but didn't. I guess I really do want this quit this time.

It would be Soooooo easy to smoke and I wish I could but don't if that makes any sense.

I should be counting myself lucky that I have not had nearly as bad a time as others on a quit and will have to carry on huffing my way through it if thats what it's gonna take ;)

Gaynor x

PS 24 sleeps till Santa :D

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Bloody brilliant G. Thirty two days and still going. Keep on huffing your way through it if you have to. Go to any lengths I have heard somewhere. Shame about the old man but if you keep going it may spur him on. Well done. David xxx


Thanks David,

I have resigned myself to huffing and puffing my way through this quit, for the forseable future anyway ;)

I am sure OH will be ok. He has done so well and he recognises that so will just support him as a good wife should :confused:

G xx



You need to stay focused :)

Your OH falling of the wagon just as you are entering month 2 must be putting a lot of pressure on you ( I'm imagining cigs available in the house again and that is dangerous ), especially at a time when you should be celebrating !! :confused:

However, you sound positive and I wish you best wishes and


:D :D


It would be Soooooo easy to smoke and I wish I could but don't if that makes any sense.

Gaynor I know exactly what you mean.......huff puff and double huff again ;)

Sometimes it's nice to know you're not alone with these wierd feelings. I was trying to explain to my Mom earlier how I can want to smoke but not want a ciggarette all at the same time. I figured that I don't want to smoke but am still craving the nicotine so I just think I want to smoke ???? Here come the huffs and puffs of frustration.....perhaps directed at my own body/brain for still nagging me for nicotine. Have decided today no more inhalator. Need to bin the last bit of nicotine as I think it's making things worse at this stage.

Well done for glossing over OH's setback, not sure I would have been so strong, you are doing so well. All of these ups and downs are part of it and I think grumpie said, giving up the first fag is easy, it takes real strength to maintain a quit and we are doing just that.........with or without all the huffing we are achieving great things.


Well done Gaynor

I suppose it would have been so so easy to laugh and say Oh bugger it we will have a ciggie together and start again tomorrow. You didnt do this, and you must be so proud of that.

Im sure your example will spur your OH to stop again but at the moment its your quit that should be important, and it seems it is.

Keep going you are doing so well.

Lillie xoxoxox


Hi G you are doing so well and if your other half smokes and puts you under pressure tell him I will come and screw his **** off LOL you are really getting a strong quit going so please please be strong and stay sweet smelling xxx


Gaynor, i'm so pleased that you've got this far!! It must be tough when your OH has faltered but you are keeping going and staying strong, and that's just inspirational.

I know how hard it is - and you're into the bit where it starts to feel like a bit of a drag after the initial rush of quitting. But remember, no matter how crappy a day is, you only have to get through that one day. You'll wake up the next day that bit stronger, that bit prouder, that bit further along. The alternative is to give in and feel... well, you know. Not worth it. SO not worth it.

Big up yourself girl. This is a GOOD STRONG QUIT. Don't listen to the demon's enticements. Fart in their general direction!

H xx


Hi Gaynor

Well done you in not having Mr demon nic, and you should be really proud of yourself. So you just keep on track and Congrats tyo you. Good luck in your journey.




So good to read your still going with this quit *big thumbs up*

Silly silly OH :( Mine smokes too and in the house during the evenings :rolleyes:

Now the long winter nights are with us and I'm in the house more of an evening, it's not pleasant sharing space with a smoker! TBH, it's shite.

Now I know what our sons had forced upon them :o

This is your quit, hang on to it :cool:

Pol x


How rude am I?

Hi guys,

Thanks so much for your great replies and support. I apologise for being so rude in that it has taken so long to post this. I really do appreciate it though. My days starts at 5.30 get home 12 hours later so all I am good for is having a quick look on here and finding the strength not to smoke. In short I am knackered lol.

Somehow I have managed to make it to 43 days. I say somehow as the last couple of weeks have been the biggest struggle ever. I have been so close to breaking a couple of times. I have been miserable to the point of almost crying. Grumpy? You bet. All I could think about was smoking. I would wake up the next day and feel like I had smoked, I hadn't but because the thoughts where all consuming it felt like I had. I dragged myself through each day. I knew in my heart I could not have a cigarette. I wasn't even saying just one. I know all to well one would not be enough and off I'd go again. I might feel like I want to smoke more than anything in the world but this time I recognise the fact that I CAN'T.

My OH got straight back on his quit. I am so proud of him. He had some more upsetting news at the weekend but flatly refused to let that be a reason to lose his quit again. Like I said, I am VERY proud.

I may not be able to post much at the moment but I am willing you all on and proud of all of us no matter where we are on this journey.

Power to us all ;)

Gaynor x


Bloody great G. I even felt knackered just reading your post. You are both doing grand, and, if you need to just try and struggle through it. You will always get support on G here as you have supported others. Keep at it you two. Oh and you're not a bit rude. David.


Well done Gaynor.....bloody life really gets in the way sometimes :eek:

Keep on huffing n puffing I'm right behind you doing the same :rolleyes:



Thanks David and Michelle,

I will keep going come what may. I want a cigarette in the same way someone might long for some food that they know they have become alergic to but can never eat again. I have never 'suffered' like this while using patches before and that did fill me with some trepidation when I have to stop using them. That is a little while off though so I am sure I will feel differently by then :rolleyes:

We went outside at the garden centre at the weekend. Normally we went out there to have a fag break on our travels but this time we went out and smelt, yes smelt, the xmas trees lol. Forgot what they smelled like as have never been quit this time of year before. Yay :D

Gaynor x


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