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Well any of the original members of team 17 - that's me and Della - have made it to 11 months (hopefully)

One more month and then it's the penthouse!! :D:D

I never thought i would make it this far but i have and want to advise anyone thinking of quitting or even someone thinking of throwing away their quit - hang in there because all too soon being a non-smoker is easy - then you might start to hanker after your old friends the cigarettes, but don't!

I love being a non smoker!! ;)

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Awesome stuff Wkd, one month isnt a long time, you'll be there soon enough in the penthouse!


Hi Wkd Fairy

Well done you 11 months is truly awesome :D

Best wishes to youxxxxxxxx

well done to my favourite fairy

(well apart from Kylie as the Absynth fairy but thats another story!!!!!:eek:)

soon be in the penthouse.:D

Congrats Fairy,

11 months, where did the time go :rolleyes:

Not only are you TKD's fav Fairy you're also the Forum's fav Fairy.

I was going to insert a pic of a celebrating fairy but...ya, know they just looked more appropriate for the 'dark side'.

So, I brought up my breakfast instead:

congrats buddy :)

your my fav fairy too........:p

Well done girl on your 11 months. Not long now get packing.

My favourite fantastic fairy - you should be proud of yourself!

Soon be at the one year mark!!!:)

austinlegro11 Years Smoke Free

the months just fly by.....



NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Well done WKD,

You'll be in the penthouse before you know it.

That's terrific WKD - see you in the penthouse next month!


Tomatpots10 Years Smoke Free

Well done Wkd Fairy.

Thanks for taking the time to post and inform us all on this impressive milestone. ;)

You'll soon be there, where ever there is!! and all those little sips of water will have been worthwhile.


PS Allen Carr rocks


Increase my piece ;):D

Well done WkdFairy79 11 months is a great achievement:D.

Well any of the original members of team 17 - that's me and Della - have made it to 11 months (hopefully)

One more month and then it's the penthouse!! :D:D

I love being a non smoker!! ;)

My first visit for a while, and I see you're still here and holding strong, Wkd! Great news for you and the rest of your team!

(I'll still make it to the penthouse 5 days before you though :p)

And yeah, being a non-smoker is absolutely wonderful!

I was sitting on a bus earlier today and an obvious smoker sat down next to me. He REEKED to the extent I felt quite nauseous and I just thank the stars that he got off after two stops cos I'd either have had to throw up or get out of there myself.

It really brought it home to me that I was just like that 11 Months, 3 Weeks, 6 Days and 6 hours ago (roughly) and made me realise how smelly I must have been.

(Oh, and incidentally, I had had to run for the bus to catch it - there is no way on this earth I'd've made it a year ago. but today I wasn't even short of breath...)

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