Day one of month 3...9 weeks completed!

Helloooooooooooooo New Room!

Well here I am, day one of Month 3! Thanks to all for your words of wisdom and support, really dont think I would have made it this far without this forum.

Looks around for a comfy seat in front of the fire... kicks shoes off puts on fluffy slippers and sips on a cup of tea :D

How is everyone today?

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  • Fantastic, well done Mixxy

    Sorry the place is a bit of a mess i will get the staff to tidy up and restock the bar plenty of food though as everyone except me appears to be on a diet lol

  • Hi Mixxy. Lovin those fluffy slippers. Get close to the nice roaring fire and keep warm. Looks like we're in for a freezing month 3.

  • Well done Mixxy 9 weeks is brilliant. About Jack telling you the staff clean up, when I was there we were the staff, no cleaning up after us.


  • Whoop whoop whoop Mixxy m'lady!

    Cracking fabulousness might i say?!!!

    *peeks through window*

    What a fantastic room..... mmmm n so warm and inviting too.....

    See you tomorrow!!!!!!


  • Well done hun. 9 weeks great stats good for you.xxxxx

  • Welcome Mixxy....have my seat (I leave in the morning and have loads of packing to do)

    Loving the slippers......were they an OH present like mine!!!!

    Congratulations and enjoy the wine...

    L xx

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