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day 7 on tabex


hi all i hope everyone is doing good on their quits

I am now on day 7 of not smoking.

I didnt go out on the weekend incase i found the urge to stong lol

I have had a few cravings now, but not as bad as i thought i would. but i am having that feeling that i have lost something and that i miss smoking. i dont, but i do if you know what i mean.

when i finish work i used to love that cigarette and now i cant have it, its like a feeling of loss.

i am doing well despite those feelings towards the end of week.

i have a works xmas do to go to on friday, that will be hard i think. but i will stay strong and not go near those stinky sticks :)

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Hi Panda :D

And WELL DONE ON reaching Day 7 :cool:

You will experience that sense of loss, but don't worry about it, all par for the course :rolleyes:

And remember, you are not losing anything, only gaining good health, longevity, energy :)

So keep going, you doing great!!

Zoe xxxx

Well done Panda - the first week is the toughest, so you are over the worst. Very wise to give the pubs a miss, I think! I don't know anyone who has used Tabex, but it seems to be helping you.

Good luck at your xmas do - it will be a challenge, but if you are prepared, I'm sure you'll be ok.

Well done Panda on a whole week...just a tip for the xmas party!!

Go dressed as a Xmas present. Your arms will be restricted so even if you have a fag in your hand you won't be able to get it to your lips LOL! Piss funny seeing you try too. No seriously, good luck with the party, I wouldn't get trashed out of your head, just nice and cheerful. Drunk as a skunk = no willpower/forget you're a non-smoker. I'm sure you'll be fine, me old bamboo (gettit me old bamboo?? hee hee)

Lisa x

Thanks all for your support!

Lisa lol very good idea going dressed as a Xmas present. My plan is when I start getting bad cravings I am going home lol. Bit of a killjoy I know but last thing I want to do is slip up. Don't really have a rational mind when drunk lol who does I suppose :)

Zoe I ordered more tabex for my brother and friend in work and they took a week to arrive. So they have improved their 3 week delivery a lot :) are you still taking champix? How is it going?

Mrs t, yeah tabex are working very well for me. Glad they don't give the nausea that champix gave me :)

Good luck to you all :)

Well Done on 1 whole week smoke free :)

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