Nemesis Day Through 7, Norse style

Day 4, 7 am, Nemesis Day, I am awake way too early. I felt the need to climb out of bed, tell the birds outside to simmer down for a few hours, hug the two kitties, and drink some ice cold water. Today is full of choices, of which I willcontinuously choose to breath. I am also going to a bonfire after work tonight, with smokers. I will be up late, drinkng a lot. Figured Nemesis Day was a good day to face one of my biggest threats. For now, it is back to sleep for a few more hours.


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  • Go for it Vike, you can beat day 4 into submission :D Enjoy the bonfire, you work with smokers anyway so it isn't really much different. Just remember you're a Hare and if you have a smoke I will fly over and tie your ears together :eek::D

    Take it easy,

    Zoe xx

  • Just made it into work, 8 hours till drinking and bonfire. Today i feel kind of surreal. Like the calm before the storm. My voice keeps cracking and I lose it for a while, and feel the need to cough, so maybe my lungs are already on a mission to clean themselves up, dirty buggers that they are. Will update soon enough,


  • Keep going Norse Man - you are doing great.

    Even after all this time, sometimes I can still taste smoking from the inside. Have concluded it must be crap from my lungs still bubbling around. Ah well, I suppose I put it there, so no-one else to blame. :(

    But the future is smokeless.

  • I just got woken up by two toddlers to a hungover day 5, after around 5 hours of drunken sleep. Yay. Stayed strong last night and strangely the cravings were ok through drinking. When I walked up the driveway when I first got here all I could smell were old butts and staleness. I think that is why it was easy to not want to join the smoking guys. Buddys wife is a non smoker so we just talkesd about how nasty the smell was etc. I am elated today to be on day five. I just wish I knew if I was sober enough to drive home and try for more sleep... Little kids are so loud!


  • What is wrong with cats Penthouse?? I like them :D:D

  • Very strange post that was. Dry thongs and anti cat propaganda? Colour me confuzzled. Did ok today, skateboarded with some non smokers for half the day. Sore, but breathing easy still. Tomorrow is the last day I live in this room woot! Vike.

  • Today is day seven. Smokes on the mind every minute so far today. I only got about 4 hours sleep last night, and started the day with dealing with the drive to work in the dark trigger for the first time. Since i've been on afternoons for two weeks, this was new, and I hit a huge crave when I stepped out of the truck to walk the parking lot. Survived it, but have found this morning to be an endless set of waves of sadness, cravings, and thoughts of smoking. It is only nine am here, so I am sipping my coffee to keep my eyes open, and enjoying that I can actually taste it. Tomorrow hell week is over, and I will be starting to workout, eat clean, and moving into the next forum room woot! I'll let you all know when I get through this barrage of nicodemon tricks this morning. Strange how yesterday was a very low crave day compared to this. At least the nap craving is lasting longer than the bad waves.

  • Well done and I enjoy reading your posts - where is it you are from?:)

  • Hi Dottie, I live in Canada. I am here because I find the people on this forum have always been more help than forums closer to home and I enjoy all the different phrases used that we don't use here. People look at me crazy when i say sod to something now haha. I plan to stay quit, so I can guarantee there will be a lot more posts on the way!

  • White capped waves of craziness have broken up a bit now, three hours left of work. Cannot sleep till later tonight as I have to take out a little guy I volunteer with later on, he does keep my young though and it is hard enough to keep up with him when I'm not tired lol. Weather went cold again so It looks like movie night is in the cards. Eating sort of good today, as workout fully starts tomorrow.

  • well done Vike on getting thru the day .. what with one thing and another the gods are testing you.

    Penthouse - ease up.

    Every one deals with a change in their lifestyle in their own way. There are lots of different characters on this site - some are story-tellers, some allow you to step into their shoes for a moment, some are colourful, some informative, whilst others like to post pictures of cats. We all share the same aim and if you don't watch and be nice to your fellow quitters, I'll start a doggie post.

    Yours respectfully, suze :o)

  • Penthouse Roof what kind of comments are those???? Unecessary IMO and also inflammatory. For someone who is allegedley 10 years quit, and I don't believe for a minute you are, you are an absolute disgrace to this forum. You are sanctimonious, condescending and insulting. At least your posts are a good sleep aid, I've never yawned so much in my life :rolleyes:

    Why don't you do us all a favour and bugger off????


  • Viking, you are bloody marvellous, and don't let anyone tell you anything different. I enjoy reading your posts, you are pleasant, polite and non aggressive. You don't judge people and you don't preach, you are doing really well with your quit and I for one am backing you all the way:D

  • I think it's the way it is written. It may sound all right when you say it but different when it's read. I am the same with emails, I have to get someone to proof read them because I come across as very abrupt but I don't mean to. Maybe just soften the words a wee bit, sorry if you don't agree, just my perception on things :D

  • Well done Viking. I too am on day 7 without a real cigarette but still have the e-cigarette. I know only too well those episodes of sadness and the craziness. I returned to work today after 2 months off with work related stress and I can tell you that this morning before going, I could've probably killed for a real smoke. I found it so difficult to stop thinking about having a real cigarette. But I'm home now and I didn't succumb even when offered one. Into a different room tomorrow. See you there :-)

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