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Day 7 sooooooooooooo down

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Well im on day 7 and i have done nothing but cry this monring,i feel like the world is on my shoulders all i wish was i hade the support from my o/h but i get none

Been rowing about money this morning and how we are going to pay the bills as he has his own buisness and has gone very slack.

With xmas coming as well i feel like im under a lot of pressure im sure my o/h rubs me up so i turn for a dreaded fag like i did last year as he smokes but outside and rollups (yuk) but i will not get any no way will i but thsi is sooooooooooooooo so hard.

He said im very picky and nag him i dont mean to as i am not a nagging person but i told him all i want is support but he said he cant support somone that nags at him and moans at him over money and how we are going to pay things.

Well im at weight watchers and even that i get no support sometimes i feel like i live like a single parent as my daughter isint his

This is so hard and geting me very down

Keep going Dave sorry to hear you had a bad night but please dont give in you are doing great but to let you know i no just how you feel :rolleyes:

hope you a better day today Dave :)

Also hope everyone whos has quit has a good day xxxx

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Morning Kay, sorry to hear you are feeling down. It must be really hard living with a smoker, and not only that a smoker who gives you no support. For what it is worth I would give him a big kick where it hurts.

As for the crying and feeling down, have to say this is normal for lots of people at the beginning of the quit, you just have to put your head down, choose not to smoke and get through it.

Try to think of something positive to cheer yourself up, put on some loud music and dance around, buy yourself something (does not have to be big, maybe a lipstick or book or magazine). Read some of the jokes that are posted on here.

We are all here for you, I know it can be really hard, but it is soooo worth it. Keep strong and keep posting to let us know how you are getting on, oh and give your oh a kick from me.

Hmm sounds like he may not want you to succeed ! take your support from this site. good luck today it will get better but I know it can be very hard -thinking of you xx

Hi Kay,

I'm on day 7 too and well done to both of us for getting this far! Sorry to hear that you're having a hard time of things though - I'm sure what you're feeling is only a temporary blip and things will pick up as your will power gets stronger. Well done on doing WW at the same time! Sounds like you're really changing your life for the better.

Things will get easier, and just think that by saving money by not smoking, perhaps there won't be as many rows about money with your OH. As he is still smoking himself, perhaps that's why he finds it difficult to support you? You've made the massive step towards stopping - something he subconsciously knows he should be doing too, but in supporting you it would be admitting to himself too he needs to stop - something he's not ready to do yet?

Hope that makes sense, and wishing you lots of luck - we're in this together for the long haul! :)

HAving a good cry is very normal at this stage. My husband continued to smoke when I quit. Sometimes i'd feel massively resentful to him for being able to smoke. It helped when I decided to become smug instead. After all, he'd have to face the quit at sometime and i'd already done it! Life will always throw worries at you whether you smoke or not. Just try and rise above it and realise what a wonderful gift you've given yourself by quitting. xx

Oh Kay

Really sorry you're having such a morning, but I have to say: well done you - you are so strong to get this far having to cope with your OH.

Cheesenmarmite is probably correct in the your oh knows he should also be quitting but can't do it yet so is feeling guilty, but I think it's sad that he's not trying to be supportive if he can't quit himself. I really sympathise about the money - that's a major consideration for me, wondering how I could pay for xmas without putting it all on the credit card (again) and spend all next year trying to pay it down. But just think, 7 days, that's about £35/40 each that we haven't burned. That has to bring a smile to your face

Hang in there Kay - tomorrow we go to the Week 2 board. You should feel very proud of what you've achieved so far, I am.

Oh Kay,

Deep breath, put the kettle on. This will pass. So sorry you've feeling down. Just hang on in there. Think of the positives, certainly money won't be helped by starting smoking. Maybe you could remind your OH of that. Giving up a habit of a pack a day is like putting £35 extra a week into the household budget. That makes nearly £300 by Christmas that wouldn't be there if you smoked it away.

You're doing your bit.

Now cheer up, be proud of yourself. Do something to make yourself feel good, eg make-up, cook a nice meal, You've got every reason to feel 'up' and no reasons to feel 'down'. Try to keep positive.

You're not alone, you've got all of us:) And I've just added you to the Octoquits group, so you've now officially got a whole load of quit buddies.



Hi Kay, very well done on 7 days it's a whole week. Sorry you feel down it is part of stopping, try thinking good things, lets face it we can always find bad to think about make your day different. I agree with the others, think oh is feeling bad because money is tight and he is still smoking. Try not to let his mood be yours.

I send you love.


Hi Kay :D

Well done on the week smoke free that's great keep it going feeling emotional is normal for most of us but it will pass soon OK

As your OH can't/won't support you and if he keeps moaning about the bills just remind him that you not smoking is helping with that problem I would if it was me



OMG Kay I know where your coming from mate you sound like your telling my story. But all I can say is it made me stronger you show him hun. Do this for yourself i did and beleive me its one of the best things Ive ever done. Things will get much easyer just take things one day at a time it gets much better HONEST.xxxxxxx

Also very well done Dave and Cheeseanmarmite. All three of you are doing great.xxxxxx

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