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Day 7 - missing it

Day 7 today and feeling quite blue. Finding that while I'm not really craving a smoke, I am missing them something rotten. When I'm busy I'm ok but then I sit down or have a break and all I want is to pop outside for one. I guess This will pass eventually but for now it's hard.

Trying to remain positive, one week off now and I never thought I'd last a day!

Have a cold sore too and swollen glands, must take multivitamin to boost myself.

Sorry for moaning, thanks for listening!

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I could have done with a wee bit of support yesterday...



What are you using to quit or are you going cold turkey . Would not try the gum as it made my jaw and teeth ache and am now using the nasal spray which seems really good so far. But expensive . Hope you feel better soon . Hang in there it will pass.


sorry i didnt see your post yesterday

the first week is the hardest u are going through alot of change

u have spent your whole life training your brain to be a smoker

doing it in every situation and with every emotion

you now have to retrain your brain and break down each trigger/ association it is hard to start with but it gets easier

now if i come accross a trigger i break it like its a thin little matchstick but in my first week or so i felt like i was breaking down six foot brick walls

u will find from now on everything will get slightly easier bit by bit u may not notice it at the time but u will look back and think hey i have come along way and its easier



I hope your feeling stronger and better today. I didn't see you post yesterday , sorry .

You doing so well :D .


Afraid I caved in.

I've been using Champix. I'm not sure if feelings of depression are related to quit or the drug but fear drove me to choose smoking over depression. I've been there & never want to go back.

I'm undecided if I will continue with my effort or give up on it for now...


Hi elaine

Really sorry to hear you caved in . Dont know what your financial situation is like but it might be worth giving the nasal spray a try. It's twenty pounds for a bottle that gives you one hundred doses. Just a thought for your next quit . The very best of luck for whatever you decide .


Hi Elaine - Sorry to hear that you have had a bad time of things. It's not too late to call this a blip and carry on? You have already been through so much getting through your first week that it seems a shame to throw it away.

If you read some of the other posts on here, you will see that it is far from uncommon for people to hit a low point. Read a bit further, and you will see those same people bounce back quite quickly and feel so pleased that they didn't throw in the towel.

You have said that you want to quit before you are forty - very wise! I would advise you to go back over the reasons for quitting to try to recover your inner strength that got you through that first week.

No-one can tell you what to do, but from where I sit, I wish to god that I had quit before I was forty - trust me, it doesn't get any easier if you leave it longer!!!


Thanks guys.

I've decided not to throw in the towel and have destroyed the fags. To be honest, having one made me feel worse than wanting it. My chest immediately tightened up, my cough returned and that was after a few puffs.

I will restart day eight tomorrow and continue. Might need some help from you guys but really want to do this. I have to stop dwelling and distract myself more effectively. I know it will be worth the effort in the end.:rolleyes:


That's the way to do it!!

Well done. I think this shows real strength of character on your part. Stay busy and try to keep your positivity up. It might be worth going back to your doctor to talk about a reduced dose of Champix if that's causing you problems - I've reduced my evening dose which has helped quite a bit.

It can be so hard to keep plugging those gaps in the first few weeks. I still occassionally get that empty, bereft feeling, but not so often and not as strong anymore. Increasingly, I have found ways to trick my (obviously quite stupid) smoking brain. For instance, where I never used to leave the house without my ciggies, now I always take a pack of Polo's with me. As long as I have my mints, I no longer get that panicky feeling that something is missing.

Let us know how you are getting on tomorrow. Good luck.


Ahhh you poor lamb

Ive had 2 seperate blips in my quit ...

but 2 cigs in 90 days is nothing .. (1 was at a party.. drunk)

if anything .. it was like i had forgotten what an empty nothing

experience smoking was/is ... and needed to remind myself

I had no problem continuing with my quit after

if anything .. i was stronger

I never want to smoke again

tasteless stinky nothing things

inhaling poison gas ... madness :)


Hey, Elaine!

I am on Champix - the titration pack did my head in because I was fine on each dose after 24 hours, but the first day of each dose was like reaching a whole new level of apathy.

Anyway, I'm allowing myself a fortnight of free food (to make up for the drop in blood sugar that happens when you quit smoking and makes you feel a bit rubbish) and after that, the Doc agrees with me that I probably won't need 12 weeks of Champix because I'm not really sleeping very well on it. I'll need to gradually reduce the dose rather than just stopping, though, so that my body can get used to it.

Anyway, hang on in there, and don't worry about the odd misdemeanour... every ciggie that you don't smoke is doing you good!



Hi Elaine goode to hear your back on your quit . Best wishes and good luck for next week. We are all here to help and keep readinp posts on here very inspirational. Jacqui


I really appreciate the encouragement from everyone.

Feeling better today, not as down and easier to resist.

Mrs T, I will continue with the Champix but reduce if moods don't improve. I got some multivitamins and hope the B complex might help especially.

Thanks, it takes other quitters to really get what it's like!


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