No Smoking Day
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Going Easy!

Hi all

I am almost through the first day, go me & everyone else!!!! :D

Been fine all day then got a bit of a craving thing going on earlier this evening, did the ironing and it passed then felt proud of myself for not smoking or the ironing would've been left & left! haha

I'm trying to keep myself grounded as I know the early-on elation I've personally felt with previous attempts & then the crash when I've been this time I'm taking it all in my stride, just going with the flow and accepting this is going to be time consuming and draining mentally but anyhow I'm loving that I'm not smelling stale & that's gotta be a bonus!! ;)

River x

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We'll done!

I've just found this site and posted my first..... I'm on champix and day 10 of pills and I hope that this is it!!! See my post in Champix day 4

Best of luck to are you doing it?



Hi JacD

Well Done to you too, nice to meet you......we got to keep going.

I'm cold turkey.....tried almost everything before except the Champix, different things work for different people & I wish you the very best with it.

Smoked for 30 years sometimes up to 30/40 fags a day then went on to rollies and smoked on/off throughout the week but was smoking a lot in a short space of I guess its evenings that will be bit of a struggle for me.

Good luck!

River x


Hi and welcome to both of you :) it's a good feeling getting the first day out of the way, and lovely to see fresh faces on the forum, keep up the good work xx


Hi River,

I have tried patches before but can't get on with them they do nasty things to my skin. The nurse recommended champix and I can honestly say that I read most of the reviews about it good and bad but decided to carry on with them.

I smoked like a woman possessed on a few days in the first week but after today no more hopefully!!!

The good thing with champix is you smoke but it does you say everyone is different. I wish you loads of luck and keep going its worth it!!!!

Another motivator for me is that I am putting the fag money in a jar for all the fags I would have bought then I'm taking my daughters out on what I save for the next three months! Seeing money in that jar will hopefully keep me going. Let me know how you go on.....:):):)

JacD x


Hi DonnaJ

Hi to you too!!!

Hopefully will keep this going......all the best to you too!

Keep up the fight xx


Thank you DonnaJ, it's getting closer to day 2 aswell :D x


Thanks jenny, we can all do this, I know we it together :D x


Yep goooo you - well done! I've had a few blips (not recommended) but getting through the first day made me realise I CAN DO IT, after the first day or two it's about getting the head part sorted - so well done you, keep at it and keep posting - I'm a day ahead of you and do not intend you catching me but will be looking over my shoulder to check you are stil there chasing :D:D



Hello River!

Welcome to the forum :)

Hopefully you're well into day 2 now, and you're doing the right thing. One day at a time and embrace the cravings -- they are a sign that you're healing your body and mind :cool:

Best wishes,



Hi River!!!! :D

Glad you are keeping yourself busy, you have so much more time to get the odds and sods done when you have quit smoking. You start realising how much the time adds up with the odd 5-10 min fag break!

Im on month 2 now, when I started my quit I planned my breaks so I was always busy. Even if it was colouring in a reward chart.

good luck river, keep on flowing :p



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