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Newbie. Made it to day three

Hi All,

I am new to this forum and really just wanted to say Hi and well done to everybody who is on the quest for a ciggie free life.

I will have made it to 72 hours at 10pm tonight, and I dont really feel like having a smoke. I am using Champix and support from the NHS clinic which is great. I have tried many times before to quit, used patches, inhilator and even paid £250 for hypnotherapy. None worked. The Champix seems to have taken away the real craving, I was very sceptical at first but it does appear to be working, if I do start thinking about it I eat a couple of pickled onions. I stopped on day 8 of taking them and the worst bit was smoking that last one knowing that I had none left.

I have heard that day three is the hardest, but I imagine everybody is different. Anyway another day of not poisoning myself almost over.

Thanks, some interesting and very supportive stuff on here.

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Hi Darrin and welcome, you will find all the support you could ever want here, it hass been fantastic for me. You will pick up all sorts of tips, for example I am now going to go out and buy some pickled onions:D




Thank you for your warm welcome. I have found reading the threads very interesting, clearly we are all different and expeiencing different things however we all have a common goal. :)


Well done, Darrin and welcome. I hope your quit is still going well! Keep eating those pickled onions ;)


Thanks everybody, half way through day 4 and I am feeling fine. I was worried because I love rugby and their is loads on the tv today. Noramally at half time in of upo the green house... But no real urge.

Went to the gym this morning, and the breathing is getting better, I am a marathon runner and the gym is a daily event. It is good to feel the breathing getting better I do find myself coughing more, i suppose the lungs are trying to clear themselves.

The greatest thing so far was this mornings lay in. I would normally wake up and get up within 10 minutes to feed my craving. This morning I layed in bed with the wife for a good hour after waking, not done that for years....

Happy days!!!!:)


welcome and good to read your being so positive about stopping and well done on getting through the first few days :D

just remember to keep hands and mind busy when you feel the urge and keep posting and reading on here as that does both

regards Carol


Hello there. So your just 1 day ahead of me:D Well Done on your quit so far.


Hello Darrin

Well done on reaching day 3.

It's very impressive that you have daily visits to the gym and are a marathon runner whilst smoking, just the thought of either whilst I smoked was enough to wear me out!! :eek::D



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