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so many wobbles feel like a plate of jelly

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so on day 24 and not going too well, all of your posts are keeping me sane but still finding it hard.

last night i had a barny with hubby(non smoker) and went completely off on one, told him i was gonna end up smoking again because he was being selfish!!!

told him i didnt know why i (insert rude word) married him in the first place?!?

then stormed out of the house with purse, lighter and door keys threatening i was'nt coming back while son (11yrs) had been woken to hear me slam door and storm off.

i made it to the end of the road where there is a bench which is diagonally opposite a pub and opposite a shop. sat on the bench deep breathing and calling hubby all sorts when a group of peeps came out of the pub to have a smoke.

i couldnt have been more tempted to ask for one and pay for it when.....i watched a plume of smoke drift into the air and thought s%d that im going home and going to bed!!!!


not been great today but have apologised my backside off and hubby back to very good support coach.

ever the struggle ever the winner

jenni x

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Awwww Jenni you're doing brilliantly. And unfortunately our poor husbands are being put through the mill right now. Mine is getting some seriously snipes, moods and arguments. All I can do is keep saying I'm sorry....I think at the end of the day they will put up with this for a fair bit and rather have us not smoking at the end.

Really well done for not asking for a cigarette on that bench! I do not know whether I would have been able to have done that. Now you know you can refuse the temptation when it was practically under your nose, then you have this licked mate.

All the best on your quit, we'll do it together. Day 21 for me :)

Lisa x

If you want to join October 2001 group, you're more than welcome. X

WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Give yourself a huge pat on the back!!

I had a similar thing the other night - had a row with my teenage daughter, and then stomped off saying I was going to have a cigarette. I left the house, sat in the car for about 2 minutes and realised that I really didn't want one!

Oh Jenni

You're doing brilliant... and the very fact you returned home without having a cig and apologised to your hubby is fantastic. I too have been less pleasurable to love with just recently!!!

I'm on day 32 today and quite frankly I think it's the worst I have felt so far. Nothing has changed, I'm still on NRT gum but feel PANTS!!! I have now started to convince myself of all the reasons I enjoyed smoking, I am telling myself that I am a different person without cigarettes, less happier.

Sorry to post such negative comments on here guys. Is this normal, is it going to start to get easier???????


Hang in there Jo, I think it's a bit of a roller coaster. I am day 28 today, yesterday was brilliant for me, 2 days before that were amongst my worst yet and I really struggled.


Thanks Gtat

God, all I seem to do is moan just recently and I apologise to those it may pee off.

Whilst deliberating whether or not to light a a cigarette (there are some in the drawer belonging to my hubby) I decided to read some of the posts on this forum. It seems like everyone on the quitting road has at least one occasion when they feel rubbish!!

So for now, I shall not be quitting the quit, I'll keep reading the posts for support. Especially love the sarcasm in some posts, it reflects exactly how I'm feeling!!

Hope everyone doing good and thank you once again for your support!!



I reckon that's what I need, a bloody good argument!! (only kidding of course). Might take up boxing or something where I can get rid of some of this tension!!!!


that is soooooooo funny i think we should have a thread just for verbally punching, kicking and KPOWing!!! pmsl no swearing just enough grr words that are ridiculously funny so we would soon be laughing.


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