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I am back again!! Champix 3rd attempt

As the title states this is my day 1 AGAIN!! This time fingers crossed its for good.

I haven't smoked since 11pm last night.

So far finding it ok, I have desire to smoke.

Finding champix incredibly different to my other times on it, the cigarettes hadnt really started to taste bad until yesterday, where they felt like they were making my throat swell. It was horrible. The main difference is, just the desire of smoking has disappeared.

Just hope it stays that way. I have my tornado tank, it's sort of like an ecig, filled with 0mg nicotine eliquid for when I go out socially, and the times I just need that hit at the back if the throat like smoking. I will only use it when needed desperately. Because I do want to get away from smoking altogether.

Good luck to everyone else!!! :)

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hi panda, all the very best to you and you have my admiration for trying again. Thats the key to this i think, to never stop trying.

Keep talking. :)


Thanks :)

I am determined to quit this time, mind I was the last time, but I have had enough of spending my money and stinking of smoke , doing my head in lol.

It's different this time I can feel it :)


Hay Panda...good luck :D you will do it this time :)


Never stop stopping. Good on you and all the very best. Just keep it a day a time and shout plenty on here.


Hey Panda,

You certainly sound as you are in the right frame of mind. All the very best in your quit.

Fi x


Thanks everyone:) I certainly am determined this time. day 1 has been a breeze so far, thank god.

Has anyone taking champix had a itch rash all over there bodies? On the leaflet it say 1 in 1000 suffer skin rashes. Weird how I didn't the other times I have taken it. It's driving me a bit mental but its worth it:) I mention it to the nurse when a go tomorrow for my next lot if tablets


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