No Smoking Day
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Good job I've given up the tabs

As my monkey 3 year old decided to drop my itouch on the kitchen floor and smash the glass touchscreen (very expensive) and yesterday he submerged the camera in the washing up bowl....yes, yes, I know lesson learn't - keep all gadgets safely put away. But thankgod I'm saving money by not smoking, we're gonna need it the way Harrison is going. Bloody little so and so!

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I dropped my iPhone down a toilet in the Lake District in August! It died, but came back to life after a good blast with the hairdryer and leaving it over night. It lasted a further 2 months and breathed it's last in October.

Got a shiny new iPhone 4 now! Being ultra careful with this one.


Iphone 4 nice one!!

When he broke the itouch we were just getting ready to go out, literally we were on our way out the door. I needed to get somewhere on time and I just felt like I wanted a cigarette then (I think it was stress of getting somewhere plus expensive accident). Such a powerful "I want one" thought. I had to take a few deep breaths, out with the gum (honestly I should have gum holsters on my belt) and I was OK in the end. I'm gonna hide everything electrical away, pesky kids :)


Know what you mean Lisa

Wife's car broke down last week. Today discovered it is going to cost £1000 to fix.

Oh and dishwasher broke on Saturday, playing havoc wiv me dry hands:p

Pity I didn't smoke even more 'cos I would have saved more dosh to pay for it all.....




Aaaagh,:) don't be toooo hard on poor little Harrison. He didn't mean it!!!!

I used to have 3yr old ...."bloody little so and sos" ....(2 of them) but they grew up and moved away. Would love to have them back... they could break anything they want (within reason Ha Ha.).:eek:

You doing well on your quit and you should give Harrison a BIG HUG.:)


Hahahha grumpie, no I wasn't mean to Harrison just venting on here LOL!

I kinda went oh no....what have you done!!! He just burst into tears and said sorry. I wasn't mad after that, anyway it's my own bloody fault for letting him play angry birds :D I gave him a hug and said it was ok and it was just an accident and not to worry,

I did want a fag though thinking of how much money just went down the drain (how I was gonna explain it to the hubby) and the fact I had to drive somewhere new again. I'm sure that with loads of practise it'll be like second nature and I won't think of wanting a cigarette.

I bet that when your kids have grown up you miss em like crazy. My mom and dad miss my sister and I and the busy household. I'll treasure him while I can XXXX


It's Angry Birds every time phone's been left all over the place with my little madam playing that game :eek:



Vent all you like on here.

I'm just jealous of you having a 3 yr old. Appreciate him!!!:)


Awww will do all grumpies you're just a big softie! X


hehe well angry birds is a very popular game not just for ickle ones :p my oldest grandson was playing it on my smart phone the other weekend and ive downloaded loads of educational games for him to play with next time he comes i love some of the games on it and often get carried away with the time till i get the flashing warning signal that my power level has dropped to the danger zone :eek:

what ever you do dont be fooled into the smart phone that says its waterproof and drop proof because its not my daughter had one and lets just say it didnt last long she is a clumsy cow i just said it would be cheaper just to wrap it in bubble wrap her reply was you can get an app for that :p but still had a broken phone

i miss the days when mine were small but so glad we didnt have mobile phones and home computers back then would have cost me a damn fortune i will just have to rely on the cuddles i get from my little men :) i never want to hand them back though especially the oldest but will enjoy while i can before coming to stay with nanny is boring well not unless i get him his own smart phone that he can only use at my house hehe


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