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What do you enjoy most about having given up?

Was just thinking 'what is the best bit about having been off the baccy for four and a half months now?

Weirdly I think it's not the money or health issues but for me it's not having to constantly think about 'when can I have another fag?' The irritation of always hanging around outside places while I finish one before I can go in and the not very well hidden irritation of my other half when I used to say, 'hold on I'm just gonna have a fag before we .. whatever!' :)

What unexpected advantages have other people found?

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Interesting, as you and I stopped almost together, it is so wonderful, to know you dont have to wash your hands and face all the time. So people can't smell the smoke on you, and do like that.

All those habits, getting in the car have a fag, 3 fags be for work, then shower so they can't smell nicotine.,

The freedom is truly amazing.:)


Totally agree about the money Jenny and the smell Tracey - scary how we didn't realise how bad we smelled before we gave up!


Nice one Helene- so glad you're so much less anxious. I read recently that there is research to show smoking increases rather than lessens anxiety and it looks like you've proved it to be true. :)

I agree with all the above but another one of mine is no longer having to scrub the nicotine stains from my fingers (I smoked roll-ups). Oh, how I hated doing that. It made me feel really low-life. :o


1) Having my sense of smell back - although there is a drawback to this...having the ability to smell cigarette smoke 30 feet away from a smoker.

2) Discovering just how food really tastes..was shocking to learn just how dulled this sense was.

3) Having more energy - being able to do things like a long walk without wheezing after a few minutes.

4) As a smoker I would have at least 4 colds a year...really bad ones as well, that would go on my chest and leave me with a horrible cough and a really unpleasant burnt catarrh smell and taste in my head, tainting the smell and taste of everything. Since I quit I have only had 1 cold which lasted just over a week and did not go on my chest at all.

5) Not waking up in the night panicking over the thought of what such a disgusting and dangerous habit was doing to me.


My health anxiety practically disappeared over night. That was a big and unexpected benefit for me.


All of the things mentioned so far but mostly the worry, stress and panic of going to new places and not knowing if/when I could smoke.

My OH never looked impressed when I said I will just have a quick fag before I go in, before I leave the house, before I get in the car etc etc.

Also, yes the yellow fingers - yuck!


Being the master of my life instead of every waking hour being someway linked to smoking

Spending time with the family instead of forever "quickly nipping out for a fag"

I haven't had a headache since quitting, these used to be almost daily

So much extra time on my hands

No more wheezing

No more coughing till I nearly puked in the morning

Sense of smell

Clean smelling clothes

Whiter teeth

No mucky yellow fingers

No ashtrays anywhere to empty

Being able to run more than 50 metres without coughing my guts up

I could go on many benefits

Try making a list of the advantages of smoking - NOT ONE


All the previous plus when a doctor asks if I smoke I love to say "Oh no I'm a non smoker".

Love it !


All the previous plus when a doctor asks if I smoke I love to say "Oh no I'm a non smoker".

Love it !

That's a great one, will be looking forward to that! :)


There is so much I enjoy about not smoking but for me the biggest enjoyment is being able to watch a whole film at the cinema without not really paying attention towards the end as all I can think about is a fag!:cool:


Seeing smokers huddled outside when it's raining, and knowing that I won't be standing with them, feeling like a fellow member of a leper colony!


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