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Day Four, The Morning Was Tough


From the minute I woke up today I was really craving badly. I kept myself busy and then around 1pm I felt this almighty tiredness and fell asleep on the couch. I slept for around 2 hours and felt so much better for it and the cravings have ceased for the time being.

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Hi Yvette

well done on 4 days quit You are over half way through tje first week and it will soon start to get better

I also used to fall asleep a lot at the start of my quit I frightened one friend badly when I fell asleep as she had never known me do that I woke to find her about to call an ambulance I laughed but she was not at all amused any way plwased the craves have stopped Hang in there

Good Luck

Well done on day 4 you are almost past the first week Congrats. things should start to improve now. Sleep as much as you can craves will be worse if your tired or hungry. xxx

Thanks everyone, I just wanted to ask is it quite normal to feel tired and want to sleep all the time? I don't have problem sleeping at night or strange dreams. I see quite a few people have probs with sleeping, I would hate it if I couldn't sleep.


I have gone the other way with boundless energy, but it does seem a regular occurence with peoples threads I have read on this forum. I did a google search and came up with the following as part of the symptons you make expect to have when quitting:

Tiredness and lack of concentration.

Try and relax more during the first few weeks any tiredness will pass.

Take a break from what your doing and take a short walk if possible to help concentration.

The first few days after you quit can be the hardest.

Strangely, yesterday, day 4 for me, I had a constant crave from about 9 in the morning till about 2pm then it just went away!

Not that helpful I know but at least it seems others do get it! Well done for quitting!! x

Hi Yvette

Fatigue certainly seems like a common experience. I've spent the last two weeks in zombie-like state and am just beginning to come out of it.

I guess at the moment your mind and body don't know how to function without nicotine stimulus and cope by going into sleep mode. Probably best just to let your body do what it needs to do in order to recover.

I've actually found lying in bed quite helpful. It's one place that has no association with smoking for me, unlike say sitting down and having a cup tea.


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