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No Smoking Day
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Day 14 and struggling!

Hi all, havent posted for a while as ive been ok and didnt have much to report but for the last couple of days ive been craving badly!

i dont know why as ive not changed anything but before the cravings came and went quickly and i only had a couple a day.

noW its all i can think about and nothing is distracting me from it. im constantly clenching my teeth?

ive decided to re-read alan carrs easy way and ive also been looking on different sight as well as here to try and take my mind off them.

all i keep thinking is i'll just buy 10! i havent though and for that im proud but what if it all gets too much and i give in?

any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks x

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Noooo dont give in. Go on to Quittime or read Alan Carr and try and stay positive. Remember how awful the first few days of the quit were, do you want to go back there? Focus on your better breathing and breath and no cough - stale smoke is revolting. I had a really bad crave yesterday and just danced shouted and screamed a bit with music on full blast, it worked for me (noone else home thankfully!)

Stay strong

Tracey :)


You'll be fine - I had a rubbish patch around day 15 for a few days. Everyone has a 'but it should be better now why am I obsessing about fags every second and grinding my teeth to powder' patch, I think!

You just have to ride it out. You have to. You've come this far and I promise you, absolutely promise, it won't last.

Stay strong, you can do this. Just post on here when it gets bad because the support is amazing, and it really helps.

H x


what about telling yourself you cant just buy 10 - if you really want to smoke you have to buy at least 200, just a thought

you can get through this, you have to, I am behind you and I need the people ahead to be strong and inspiring !!!

Good luck


thanks x

thanks for the support x

i know it will pass and thats what keeps me going, i dont want 2 go back 2 being a smoker. its horrible.

i am a stubborn cow though so hopefully that will keep me going lol x



dont give it at all, i relapsed 2 days ago and i was on my day 13!, now i feel really distrot that i smoked again! you will regret it if you do and have to start all over again, dont ruin it, just get by somehow and the cravings will pass, hope you make it :cool:


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