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Things are looking up!

After a VERY difficult weekend, things are looking a bit more positive.

Last night I sold my old, broken down, would cost a fortune to fix, car for £200 so now I have enough money to pay for the holiday that I was worried about paying for!! Plus the garage told me it was only worth £50, thieving swines!!

Tomorrow the man is coming to fix the cable box that has been adding A LOT of stress to my quit!

Tonight at 6pm I have my appointment with the smoking nurse (first since she gave me the Champix) and I'll be able to tell her that I haven't had a fag since 9pm on Wednesday! I'm on day 7!! YEEEEEEESSSSSSS!! Woop woop!


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Well done muddles and that everything else that was stressful for you is being resolved. Was getting worried about you buddy as I haven't heard from you over the weekend...I'm on day 6 so not far behind.....Congrats on week 1 (seriously impressive). XXXXXXXXXXXX


and well done on day 6!! The weekend was so busy, with stuff to do and major temper tantrums that I didn't get online!!


and I mean I haven't had a cig since 9pm on Tuesday!! Look at me forgetting my days!


Hey Muddles r u getting your days muddled up? ha ha hee hee couldnt resist the xmas cracker joke. But excellent news your smoke free for 7 days.

well done you too Lisa for 6 days..

mash x


Very good Mash!! More importantly, how are you? So sorry to hear your news. xx


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