Disillusioned with things

Feeling disillusioned with life today. Failed an MRI on Sunday, just couldnt get in the tunnel, horrid. No panic just knew I could not do it. Currently known as 'bottle job' at home. Health wise I needed to do it but simply couldnt especially after putting a head cage over my head and securing it down so I couldnt move even if I wanted to, barbaric. I have spinning vertigo when lying flat, I have no control over this and the non english speaking assistant just kept grinning when I explained why I was struggling. totally fed up with the NHS and my health lately and feel like is only runnng at 50 % and thats what I've got to accept. Havent wanted a fag which is great but I dont feel great

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  • I'm so sorry to hear this!

    Have you spoken to your gp about this and the difficulty you have getting the MRI done? Is there a possibility that they can anesthetise you?

    Hope you feel better soon - and well done for not smoking!!!

  • Yes have spoken with the mri unit and they do not offer any other service. My Neurologist may offer me an open type scanner but this is very rare apparently. I'm seeing him end of the month. Just cant see the woods for the trees at the min x

  • I've never heard anything more ridiculous. Surely they can give you a sedative. The NHS is beyond a joke. I dread getting I'll and think I would rather sell my house and pay for treatment.

  • I don't suppose you have access to any private medical do you? Sometimes it's worth paying to go that route if you can afford it....

  • Gertie, Ive checked up on prices for mri scans privately. £500 seems to be the most. Price of cigs for a couple of months. I've gone to a private doctor for a few things when I felt I wasnt getting anywhere with the NHS and was treated very quickly. It saves so much worry too. Think about it.

  • Thanks everyone. I have looked into private and I need 3 to 4 scans and would need to pay for each one which will come to 1200 -ish. I am seeing my consultant at the end of the month and I will explain that if they cannot offer me some form of sedation and open scanner then I will have to save up for 6 months and go private for the scans. My consultant is a really nice fella so hopefully he will be accomadating.

  • Maybe it would be worth looking into some kind of therapy so you can cope with the MRI?

  • I'm so sorry. This country is going to the dogs very quickly. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  • I dont think any therapy could work for me at the present time. The MRI is for spasmodic torticollis (shaking head) its a neurological disorder and I have no control over it. when stressed its worse and so in the mri centre it was off the scale. I also have menieres which is very active at the moment with full rotational vertigo when lying down and when I spin I need to grab something and so I need to move. Being strapped down by the head was just not going to work for me. I was told to shut my eyes which is an absolute impossibility for me at the moment. Basically what I feel I really need is to be put out, completely but sadly this is not an option on the NHS and if I am truly honest I find that nothing short of disgusting. We have never really used the NHS for very much apart from having the children. My elderly mum lives and is supported by us and none of us have ever claimed any kind of benefits and now in our 49th year we have had to start trying to use the NHS and have been gobsmacked.

    But this head held high woman is still not even contemplating a fag and so I am proud of who I am and also of how we, as a family, treat other human beings as our standards as a family will never ever fall xx

  • ha ha the hippo did make me laugh lol

    I am just hoping the neuro guy sorts this out because until I have had the scan I cant have the treatment to stop the head tremor !!!

    Apparently 1 in 5 cannot get thru an mri

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