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day 10 and feeling rubbish

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the no smoking is going reasonably well except the last 3 days i keep getting a pain in the chin and the base of the mouth just behind the chin, and also pain the sides of the neck, so this is where i perhaps made the first big mistake i went and consulted dr google and found out there is lymph nodes in the places where i am in pain, so now i am automatically fearing the worst, how much power does your brain have to trigger off pain ? as its worse when i think about and if im really busy i dont notice it at all? ?

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Please don't panic!! Pain in the neck and jaw can be caused just by tension, and you sure get a lot of that when you're quitting. You may well have been grinding your teeth, which could add to it. Or chewing a lot of gum?

It could be that you're coming down with something causing your glands to become a bit sore. It could also, as you suggest, be psychosomatic (YES the brain is VERY good at creating pain when you're worrying about stuff.) And if the pain is going away when you're not thinking about it, I'd say that's the most likely cause.

Lymphatic cancer (I assume that's what you're fearing) doesn't really cause pain in its initial stages. But if you want to reassure yourself you can always make an appointment with your GP. I'm sure they'll tell you there's nothing to worry about.

Focus on being proud of your quit. You are doing so well!


thanks for the reply, and yeah i was thinking about something along those lines, im terrible when it comes to paranoia about being ill, i live on my own which makes it even worse! generally at the moment im a walking wreck, on 12 hour night shifts doesnt help either as plenty of time to panic!

i went to the gp about 3 months ago and he looked in my throat and felt all my glands in the mouth and neck and he wasnt worried then, so i cant believe that much has changed!

eddie v

hello everyone. today is my 10th day not smoking and i am feeling a bit unscrambled. my arms seem a little numb and i am very restless. i am in work but can't seem to focus. are these normal feelings? i have my patch on and am really not craving a smoke just feeling really out of sorts from the quit i think. i just got up before and went for a walk around the parking lot. still feel a bit out of it. slept great last night just not sure why i am feeling this way. any thoughts please let me know....thx!!!


I know what you mean, I walked around for a while with a fuzzy head, bit like having a couple of wines and a short nap:D

It is all perfectly normal your body is adjusting to being chemical free, try not to drink too much coffee and try swigging on ice cold water, worked for me.

Good luck


eddie v

hey tracey..nice to know i am not alone and these feelings are pretty normal. what i wrote yesterday was only part of what i went through yesterday. the numbness and out of sorts feeling did go away but it turned into a migrane like i've never had before. i ended up finishing work, went home worked out in my pool and then was in bed by 7:30. i couldn't take it anymore. luckily i slept like a baby and feel so much better today. yeah i hit day 11 today. i know i have to stop counting but i am so shocked that i was able to do this. i guess when you set your mind you can do anything. how long have you been quit?

hi eddie, just seen your post about your arms aching, are you putting the patches on your shoulders? i found that with the patches on my shoulder or arm whichever arm it was on ached like mad ! now using the patches on top of my leg and it seems better! my temper has improved a bit now but still feeling a bit rough! :)

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