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Back to Square 1!

Hi all,

H^opefully you'-ll all excuse th6e numbers in th6is post...th6e keyboard on my laptop is broken and it takes ag5es to delete th6e extra bits it puts in!!

So, yesterday I met you all on day th6ree, and I mentioned th6at I smoke more wh6en I'-m drinking5....

I h6ad a few (actually a LOT) drinks after work yesterday with6 my friend wh6o is a smoker...and th6e battery in my e'-cig ran out because Id forg5otten to ch6arg5e it!! So of course I g5ave in! I h6ad six cig5s and I'-m pissed about it! I know if my battery h6adn'-t run out I wouldn'-t h6ave done it.

Just so mad because my body was starting5 to h6eal itself yesterday and Ive put it back to wh6ere it was.

I'-m g5oing5 to see th6e stop smoking5 people next week to g5et some advise because I really want to stop!!

Stay strong5 everyone xx

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sorry to hear what happened. But you know you can do it and its a good idea getting help. :)


Hey Quitter

If it makes you feel any better I havent even had the courage to try at all yet, so chin up....I think you will do great despite your unfortunate relapse.

Have to say i'm loving your broken keyboard. I want to do numbers posts.

Why say 'stay strong' when you can say 'stay strong5'? :D

Good luck getting back on your quitting horse. Hopefully I'll join you very soon. Been hovering in this forum for a couple of weeks. Maybe registering is the first sign i'm ready to give it a go. Darent set a date yet though. Eep.

Stay strong5 :)



Thanks guys, on day 4 snotty its unbelieveable blergh!!!!


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