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Me and taking a risk

As I did at the start of week 3 by stopping the patches, my risk for week 4 is cutting my lozenges in half. I mean physically cutting them in half to see if I can trick my mind.

As I said before, I had the patches sitting there if the risk didnt work, well I have full size Lozenges too, so Im going to see how this works.

Here I go again lol

Lillie xx

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Hi Lillie

Sounds like a plan! Once again, you have your safety net, so I'm sure that you will be ok.

I am just catching up on all the nocturnal postings - hope that you are feeling better now.


Boots do a 1mg lozenge (NiQuitin are 2 & 4mg), so you could step down even further over time!!


Hey Mrs T

I eventually got to sleep at 6 am lol, but then I stayed asleep till nearly 1 pm lol.

Dave, my lozenges are 1.5mg so by cuting them in have that should give me 075mg. If I can then move to the boots lozenges and cut them in half that will be 0.50 so its gotta be a trier.

Lillie xx


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