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Day 4! Never thought I'd make it :) But what to do!!??

Well today is day 4 of not smoking after twenty odd years!

I just don't know what to do with myself, I have for so many years now "rewarded" myself with a smoke after completing things - such as washing up and tidying and shopping and all the boring things, I would do these things and then have a cigarette. Now my problem is what do I do once I have done these everyday things?? I have been avoiding all of the above as I am so worried I will need a cigarette after and give in :(

Any tips or advice?? My home is now a bit messy and really in need of a thorough clean but don't want to give in to smoking once I have finished cleaning...

I had a health scare which has prompted me to stop smoking and I don't want to be a smoker again just what do I do with myself...

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Hi Cazzzzz

Well done on getting to day must be doing something right so far!!!

I'm now on day 5 and i was exactly the same! I would use a cigarette as motivation in work and at home. This week i have been telling myself i will do my shopping and then i will go home and have a nice steamy hot chocolate or cup of tea. Try substituting the cigarette for other things you equally enjoy (that are more healthy). Anything you do will be more healthy than a cigarette.

Keep've come this far and that is a massive achievement!


Welcome to the forum, and well done to both of you getting through your first few days.

It would be useful to spend as much time as you can reading the other posts on here - there is so much that you can learn from other people's experience. The better educated you are about the process, the easier you will find it.

Good luck, and keep posting.


Thanks Missusj!! I am trying to enjoy tea without a cigarette! For so many years now they have gone together so it is difficult to separate the two but will try a hot chocolate, good idea, thanks ;)

Thanks so much for your support!! It's not easy but we will both achieve!!!!

Allen Carr's book is pretty helpful, have you read it before?

And thank you Mrs T, I will keep reading, it's very helpful! :)


So now is day 5.... Last night was difficult, I just keep thinking and feeling like I am missing something and the bad voice inside keeps saying maybe just 1 a day would help......

First thing I think of when I wake up is how I would like to have a cigarette and actually that thought carries on all day........... :(

Una-g, Thanks for your help, on average how long do you think it will be for this missing feeling to fade? It's nice to hear that it does so thank you I just hope it's not too long :rolleyes: :)


Cigarette Substitute

Hi Caz, Well done day 5 :) :) tell you what I do instead of rewarding myself with a fag, I know it sounds a bit daft but after Ive done the task sometime I put some perfume on because now I can actually smell it and I dont stink anymore... have a good day x


Well now day 6.... Not feeling any different to be honest but haven't given in yet...

How long will this feeling of thinking and feeling I'm missing something last??

I am gaining not sacrificing I keep telling myself but the crave wont shift.......

My chocolate and sweets and most things edible are running low too....

Also thanks to Julie for the perfume tip!! :)


Hiya Cazzz,

I was EXACTLY the same as you, I'm on Champix after 25 yrs of smoking 20+ per day... I haven't really had any major 'craves' as such but just a really weird 'i'm missing something' feeling :confused:

Just like you, how can you possibly enjoy a tea / coffee without a ciggie ? I used to always smoke after eating dinner, before washing the pots and then another ciggie as a reward after the pots....

I promise you that feeling does get much easier, I'm on Day 18 and can already get that same 'relaxing' and 'rewarding' feeling with just a mug of coffee and no fags.... and I can wash the pots without a ciggie first or afterwards...:D

One thing that helped me in the first few days was chewy sweets (eclairs)..

I know sweets aren't encouraged..... but if you chew something (sugar free gum etc..) only when you get a real strong urge, it will last a few minutes and you've effectively done 'something' if you know what I mean ;)

Also have a read of some of these artciles Caz, I find them really useful...

Stick with it, it really does get easier very quickly.


Thank you so much Dragon!!!! :)

This really does sound just like me!! I am not experiencing massive cravings as some have experienced I don't think, it is just the missing feeling that is getting to me so much..... The way I looked at smoking as a reward is the main problem with me I think :confused:

But so nice to know I will enjoy tea again....I have had to cut down on that as each cup reminds me but sod it I will make a cup now and try and enjoy :)


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