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Day 3 Never thought it possible


Well, its day 3 and there's been a huge part of my day I haven't thought about smoking, I've spent most of the day at my dads cleaning his house and he's a seriously heavy smoker, refused 3 offers of a cigarette and didn't crave for one at all. I'm finding this slightly strange as I've tried to stop before and failed miserably after the first day.... So onwards and upwards... but slightly confused.

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Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

That's brilliant picknmix :) Give yourself a massive cheer! What a fantastic and positive start - well done.

I sometimes had similar feelings during my first week - like 'Isn't this supposed to be much harder?'. And sometimes it really was! So enjoy the days when it feels like a breeze - and use them to remind yourself how strong you are when (if) a tougher day comes along!

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

PS I LOVE your pic - he's cute!

Excellent, well done

Well isn't this fantastic, mabe your mindset is different, this quits the one and you just don't want to smoke, of course this is a strong addiction, it does indeed take tine to break, but the rewards are so huge.

Well done you, just keep going, keep us updated

Thanks everyone, I feel I'm waiting for the downhill slippery slope but thankfully haven't found it yet, I know I shouldn't be so pessimistic, but it does feel kinda weird ha ha.

Brilliant, picknmix! Well done -onwards!

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