DAY 4, never felt better

first time poster. 3rd time quitter. lol

yes this is my 3rd time trying to quit this year. this is the furthest ive made it(day 4) without cheating or relapsing. ive not had i puff in 4 days and i dont want another. tho im posting for the first time, i found this site by googling nicotine patches. and at first i was discouraged by the amount of topics that claimed they didnt work. thats bs. before i decided to quit i had realized what made me smoke. and that was for the nicotine. i hated the smoking and the second hand but it hade me feel better so i smoked. 15 years later and i found something that does the same without the harmful side effects.and the patches are now giving me exactly what i craved without inhaling a thing. its like a miracle or something. i realize it might not be suitble for everyone, they work just dandy and better than cigs for me. i can concentrate, relax and have 300% more energy and stamina than before. tho its only day 4 and from reading others testimonials that it doesnt work is bs to me. i plan on continuing with the 8 week program to ween myself from the nicotine effect but if i relapse, i will for now on relaps to the patch rather than the cigs. i get more effect for less of the risks. cant beat that. plus the night dreams are damn wicked. ive not desired or even wanted to smoke the shitty tars and contamination of tobacco when i can get the same effect from NRT. in the long run im hoping to ween myself from nicotine entirely but for now ill settle with the safer form of the stimulant than smoking it. so grats to all quittting and myself is on day 4, no regrets, best thing i ever did. more pleasure with less toxins. holy crap how can life get beter.

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  • DAY 4 - you are doing great! Hello and Welcome to the forum. I quit cold turkey and I know some people are using the patches or the gum or champix. Everyone is different and different things can help different people. If you are finding the patches to be your help to succeed then so be it - PATCH AWAY :D Keep posting as we would love to hear how you are doing on your smoke free journey. You can do it this time. Head up and keep doing whatever works for you. You sound very motivated and I am sure you are on the right path now. ;)

  • i must say than i can understand why some ways to quit are better for some than others. since this is my 3rd time to actually quit (other times were just experimental lol) this time i feel totally different. while i know that im not totally kicking the habit because i love the nicotine effect, i have in 4 days become to love the patch even more than cigs. im pretty sure its safer than smoking the tars and contaminates of tobacco and eventually i will want to ween myself of it also but for now im finding myself with more energy and lust for life than i was smoking. other times i told myself i was quitting it was cold turkey and within the 2nd or 3rd day i felt that every ounce of testostrone i had was turned to estrogen as i felt frail and weak. i felt as tho i needed to be in a hospital. but since i bought the patches. 25mg :P i feel more powerful than ever and even ran 2 miles today nonstop. i couldnt belive how much energy i had. i dont know if im the exception or the rule, but as of day 4 of i never want to smell tobbaco again.

  • thank you callum, right now im wanting give support rather than accept it, lol . im 17 yrs smoker and addicted to nicotine. i have researched and studied the effect and what it does to the brain. i know im addicted to its effect but also know that there are safer ways to slave to its power other than smoking thousands of toxins into my lungs. while nicotine itself gives sence of pleasure and eutophia. smoking tobacco for it is not an option for me anymore. ill select running more thank you. i always smoked becaue it was my pleasure and my busness . i dont GAf what anyone else thinks. but since replacing the contaminates with nrt, i know ive beat the tobacco companies. tho i still crave and need nicotine. my skin will have to pay the price now rather than my lungs. im really hoping that once all my cig reach situations are finally overcome that i will be able to beat nicotine itself . but until then ill go as i am knowing that im happier and healthier than before.

  • One step at a time. All in good time you will be freed from the nicotine altogether oneday if you never give up trying ;) Good Luck and great first step! :D

  • Welcome and cong.rats on day 4. I too think that different methods suit some more than others. I couldn,t use patches - whereas theyve been a godsend to many others. Champix makes alot of people feel sick - to me its the best thing since chocoate raisins. Point being you are an individual. Go with whatever method suits as long as your long term goal is to kick nicotine in the end. You are right

    that nicotine itself doesn't cause cancer but it is STILL A POISON. Don't become dependant on it.

  • Welcome Quimbly. i too am on patches. i think they are wonderful. i was cold turkey last time. so any help is great. each to their own but the medication [champx] seems to be a last resort. im not sure but most on it seem to have tryed other methods and failed. I find i can put the patch on then forget about it, And i do for for too long. but im sticking to the recommended wean of mgs. i worked in a pharmacy for years and seen many a sorry story for not sticking to the experts [Doctor] advise. But who cares as long as we quit the evil weed eh? Stay strong x

  • Welcome and congratulations. Like you I am on day 4 and using patches. I'm not finding it as easy as you though.:o I'm sticking to it and not had a single puff.:D I'm just taking it a day at a time. My husband is really proud of me already and this is making me more determined.

  • Welcome and congratulations. Like you I am on day 4 and using patches. I'm not finding it as easy as you though.:o I'm sticking to it and not had a single puff.:D I'm just taking it a day at a time. My husband is really proud of me already and this is making me more determined.

    hang in there, i like to read how other people are dealing with it. gives alot of now on day 5 whoot. i almost made a biggie today. while driving to work , i found myself looking around my truck wanting to reach for a cig. i was like wtf and stuck a piece of candy in my mouth. then the craving seemed to get worse. i was getting worried because i went this long without any cravings. i even convinced myself again that living short unhealthy life was much better than long miserable one. and bout that time i reached for my nic patch and noticed it was stuck to the inside of my shirt and wasnt even on me :/ boy what a relief that was. i threw it out and stuck on a new one and the craving totally went away after several minutes. im so glad i didnt cave in because of something stupid like that. im enjoying being smoke free. its really not as hard as your mind leads you believe. i still have 9 more days on the 21mg patch before i step down to the 14. im confident i wont have problems at least until then. noticing and working on the triggeres have actually been a blast and makes laugh at myself at how stupid ive been all these years. im gonna reward myself this evening with a bottle of crown. :)

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