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Month 3

Another milestone :D . Who would've thought I get that far.

I had an odd day yesterday , no cravings but the thought "now a cigarette" .

I always used to think those thoughts through ...why it happened and how long they stay and when its likely to get another one of those thoughts and this used to make it worse.

Now I try to ignore them and get on with what ever I was doing .

I hope everyone is doing well and having a lovely weekend :p

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Well done you! I know what you mean, get these very fleeting thoughts but it like my brain just goes mmm cig, nah we dont do that anymore! Lol.

So far so good though...what a journey! :)

keep going x


Fab Dorset - well done.

Just shows how weak the old demon is now, huh?

In the early days, I used to treat him like an adult, and had reasoned arguments with him. These days, just a Tut will do, and he shrivels.


I think the word 'Demon' gives nicotine too much credit and kudos.

It should be the 'nicochav' or ' nicohoodie' - can cause riots, but is not half as scary when disciplined/stood up to!!! - be warned though it can still throw a tasty tantrum:rolleyes:


Thanks everyone. I want to get through month 3 , no matter what.

I know where to go when I need support . :o


congats on 3 months!! this is a great achievement and i hope you celebrate!

keep it up and it gets easier and easier as time goes on!!:D


Thank you im a quitter

for the support your giving. It means a lot :D


well done

well done dorset. not much chance of catching you up. i am in month 2 now though. see you in about 3 weeks in the month 3 room . best of luck


nice one pfaber:D

good seeing you doing so well :p


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