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Hi guys,

Erm, I'm not quite sure what I am trying to say here, so please bear with me. Last week, at the end of Week 4, I was so full of confidence, and euphoria about not smoking, that I guess I thought I had cracked it. Whoa, complacency setting in at Week 4???? Not good. But this week has been the week from hell, no kidding. I have been soooo bad-tempered, irritable, grouchy grumpy, depressed, and spoiling for a fight. I had a serious craving for a smoke on the evening of my 1st Month anniversary which knocked me for six, and I guess that explains my moods since then as I lost all my confidence. I have had quite a few craves since then, quite bad, but not with the intensity of those first few awful days. And I did get into an argument in a shop tonight, quite rightly, as the cashier was seriously in the wrong. But I did what I had to do to resolve the problem, and even though I was raving mad I didn't even think of a cigarette:eek: and didn't realise that until everything was sorted. So however bad this week has been, I guess I have been learning?? When I feel like a fag I am now able to think, well no, not just today. And I am starting to realise that we are all going through a process, and that whatever crops up is just part of that. None of us stop smoking and become a non-smoker overnight as it just doesn't work that way. There is this blumming 'process' to go through. So in saying that, am I beginning to accept the 'process' and what is happening to me?? I dunno. But I just hang on each day to see what the next day will bring, cos I am a curious person and would hate to miss out on anything just for the sake of a cigarette. And one thing I do know, I am so sure as hell that I will complete my first 5 weeks tomorrow lunchtime:D

Sorry for the rambly post, again,:rolleyes: but it has been a tough week.

Still standing though:D

Zoe xxxx

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well done zoe week 5 tomorrow!!

I think there will always be times when we will think about cigarettes. they will just become fewer and further apart!

i am sorry to hear youve had a bad week but your positive posts have made sure a lot of newer members have got through there week intact




Sorry Zoe, I'm not really in a position to offer any advice seeing has I am 2/3 weeks(ish) behind you....

But, for what it's worth as you know, I posted the other day saying I was feeling a bit...... well... wierd really regarding my quit. I just feel that the 'novelty' is wearing off? after putting in loads of energy and thought into actually quitting, for me, it's been a bit 'easy'...famous last words :rolleyes:

I don't want to, nor will I smoke, but I just feel a bit what ?

Maybe this is where you are ?

You may now be 'accepting' that not smoking is going to be your 'normal' :confused:

Which when you think about it is where we want to be !

One thing for sure after reading loads of post, is that everbodies 'quit' seems individual, from intensity, withdrawal symptoms, the speed we reach various milestones in the process etc..?

I think I need a string quartet to burst into tune when I enter a room... maybe you could serenade me as well..... (or on second thoughts, perhaps just the string quarter...:p)

Stay Strong Zoe, your doing ACE !!




Thanks for the support h&c and Dragon:D Kind words indeed:) Guess I am just so exhausted and drained after all this effort. Didn't know it would be quite this hard, but yes, it is worth it so keep going hey:p Wouldn't like to be back in Day 3 that's for sure:eek:



I am NOT gonna tell you to hang in there!

Becaus you have proved your willpower and determintation, the fact that you are here posting, and admiting the craves etc say TONS in my book.

I have to agree with you BUT, I think not is it only about "acceptance" I think it is deeper seeded than that, I feel every day we are learning new things about ourselve's and to me that the amazing thing!!

For so long we were "complacent" smoking and PLODDING along, NOW a whole NEW world has been opened up to us complete with new and exciting experiances at every turn! it's how we choose to handle them that defines us.

We have to face the fact we are out of our "COMFORT ZONES" nothing is gonna be like it used to be! time to live life to the fullest.

Stay Strong



Zoe I'm 5 months quit this coming Tuesday, 1st Novemember and would still have the very odd craving. Now, nothing as horrendous as the early weeks but still a craving. The thing is you just have to accept that this is going to happen and you have to ride out the storm. As each day passes, you will get stronger and stronger and the need to smoke will become weaker and weaker. As I said, I still get the odd crave but the thought comes and goes in the blinking of an eye.

So hold on in there, take each crave as it comes and ride it out. It will become easier, I promise - you just have to look at those of us in the 5, 6, 7 plus month stages of our quit to believe it.

Good luck to you and all your compatriots in these early stages, keep 'er lit as I say (not the fags obviously) :)


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