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Interesting Evening !!

Last night I spent the evening at my girlfriends with her parents - As soon as I got to the house four people were sat round the dinner table smoking away, we then ate dinner at about 8pm, roughly finished eating by 8.20pm.

All four of them lit their cigarettes and continued to smoke until 10.30pm with me sat in the middle, I didn’t enjoy it one bit but not because I am jealous of their smoking but because the smell and what it represents.

I watched them all intently drawing on their cigarettes and for the first time I just thought to myself - What is the point ? You all just look silly !! I honestly felt like I knew something they didn’t - I cannot believe the transformation in my way of thinking.

The worst part is we stayed the night and all I could smell was stale cigarettes wafting up the stairs into the bedrooms, disgusting !!

47 days ago I was a 20 a day smoker - I was caught in the same trap as these people - Nicotine controlled everything in my life but I would advise anyone who is strong enough to spend time with smokers, it really has helped me understand why I quit.

Finally I have a huge football reunion this Saturday with 30 or so friends who I haven’t seen for a while, I am really looking forward to the evening but still felt slightly apprehensive due to the lure of smoking - but last night confirmed that If I can sit through that I can deal with a few drinks with friends and enjoy not being a smoker.

Keep going everyone, it is difficult at times but well worth the effort.


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Mark, I had a night out last night with customers. Nice dinner, and a few beers afterwards. The sort of night that I would ALWAYS have a packet of fags, and join the "social ones" for a smoke outside.

The funny thing was that last night was so much easier! Even when the smokers went outside all together, I wasn't craving it, or feeling like something was missing. So you can definatley do a night and enjoy it as a non smoker..

I think I actually need further training in "non smoking pissups", so I will try and go out on the lash again next week!! lol



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