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Forgetting Cigs Even Exist


For some weird reason I remembered that I used to smoke and I quit (thanks to the people who were in this forum way back then). That was about 2 years and 7 months ago. So, I decided to drop by my old haunt--you can search for my old posts if they haven't thrown them away.

Cigs are no longer even a remote temptation.

Just wanted to drop by and remind everyone that it gets easier with every cig you don't smoke. Finally, it's so easy you forget that once upon a time you even smoked!

Keep at your quits and keep steady, because you can do it!


Method: Cold Turkey

Quit Date: 20 (or was that 27?) 2007 (or was it 2006?)

See, can't even remember when I quit! That's because it is no longer a part of my life and is no longer important!

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Well done, Rob, nice post! I left work today and for some reason remembered I used to smoke.... was left feeling really happy I don't have to do that anymore..... have not thought of them in days...... 14 months plus for me but I guess there comes a time when one stops counting....... it's great when that happens, most excellent actually ;)

How Encouraging!!!!

How fabulously encouraging Rob!!!!

Huge Thanks for posting, thats greatly encouraging on the cravey days... which i have to say at just over 5 n a half months are huuuuuugely reduced!!!! woop woop!!!!

Well Done on your successful quit!!!! Thats fantastic!!!!

Big Hug :D x

Well done Rob it’s great to hear from someone who has gone past the most dangerous parts and come out the other side happy and contented with no wish to go back to being a smoker.

I look forward to this point in my quit and hope it is as you say easier as time passes, I hope I find it like a flash back in memory that is more a happy thought than a crave for a ciggie.

Congratulations on your long quit and may you have a long and smoke free life.

Good to hear from you Rob, your post is great makes me feel I have something else to reach, more than two and a half years is wonderful.


What a great stage to get to Rob.

All the best with just keeping up a great quit and no thoughts of smoking :)

I looked up some of your old posts and there's one with a brilliant message in it. Comparing the deaths per year from smoking with the holocaust and other such terrible atrocities. Made for a great read, cheers for that.

For some weird reason I remembered that I used to smoke and I quit (thanks to the people who were in this forum way back then). That was about 2 years and 7 months ago.

Did you hit a trigger? see someone smoking .. anything that brought on the memory?

Sometimes its nice to remember what you went through to quit though, but what is usually amazing is how you can suddenly thing about smoking, even if it a memory of time gone by where you used to smoke. Its a bit i suppose like a drop of water landing on a still pool.. bit of a ripple, and then its gone. passing thought.

Either way Rob, its REALLY nice to read how you perceive smoking to be now, it fills us folk going through the first weeks/month year with hope. So thanks m8y!!!


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