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No Smoking Day
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good evening all

evening everyone,

well the weekend is here once more, weeks are going by so Quickly dont you

think, nice to see others making the one month mark:D well done to all of

you, feel good for not smoking. almost did the other night. but put up a

strong fight and won yessssssssss...:cool: how are you all doing. are we

wining the fight, i really hope so. now im not smoking i feel like a new man,

and got more money to my-self. ..GREAT.. everyone keep the good work

going. we all know deep-down that we are STRONG. and we will BEAT this

craving to SMOKE, take care and good luck,


Quit on 12/3/08

smoke 35 + a day

1 month, 5 days, 21 hours

saved on 1,291 cigs

money saved, 345.59p

life saved, 4 days, 11 hours, 35 mins

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Evening to you Alan.

I thought about comming off the patches today. I have done 3 weeks on 21mg and 2 and half weeks on 14mg. Wednesday we will be starting week 7 .

I still want a fag every now and again , whatever strenght patch i`m on, so am considering doing a few days on 7mg and then stopping.Maybe if i come off the patches i wont crave so much for old nic.

Good to hear your doing well and fought off having that fag.

Well done Alan.

Barb x


hI Barb,

good to hear from you. why are some days easyer than others, really dont

know. your doing well. im on 2mg lozenge, i should be taking them every

hour for the first 3 month, had one two weeks ago, thought i could do

without them, but went back on them and craving are really not that bad,

we are going to have days like this were we want a smoke, but watch-out

for that smoking devil lurking about waiting for us to fall,

DONT LET HIM BEAT US BARB....:) take care. enjoy the weekend.

its my birthday this sunday, my present from you is for you to be a non-

smoker still, and i know you will be;) all the best



Hi Alan, glad you are more positive this weekend, your posts are always very sweet and inspiring.

We won't let it beat us!


Hi Alan .. i feel like a new man myself .but i"ll have to make do with the one ive got !! (joke) just incase he joins this forum ! seriously tho well done to you and i hope you keep it up. sounds like your doing great hun. xxx


Oh Alan a very happy birthday to you for sunday.http://planetsmilies.net/party-smiley-530.gifhttp://planetsmilies.net/party-smiley-557.gifhttp://planetsmilies.net/kaos-not-tagged-smiley-4712.gif

You deserve to have a great day.

Love Barb x

ps -- should we be posting in month 2 as we are in our second month?


hi Barb.

thanks very much, you are so kind:D not too sure about were we should be.

if you find out. please let me know. i know you will. maybe some one can

tell us if they are looking at this. got to go to bed now. have to be in work

tomorrow at 6.am and sunday:( enjoy the weekend:D

Alan x x x


Happy birthday

Happy Birthday Alan

Rushing out the door to work but wanted to wish you before I went!!!

Feel really really positive and have definately turned a corner since last weekend.

Speak Soon

Have a brilliant day..


Well done Alan & Barb

Both doing great are you the only two left in your team?

Happy Birthday Alan for sunday give yourself a big treat. Yes you should be in month two so move on up. Linda xxxx


Hi Linda

I will start posting in month 2.

Can i ask for your advice please.Have you found going c/t better than using nrt regarding craves.

Barb x


Not really sure but I do feel better this time. Once the first 10 days was over I have wanted a fag but no really bad days. Had a few very bad ones last time and when droping the patch strenth. If you are going to stop the patches use seven for a week and take it off each night about 9 oclock dont know if this will help you but it made coming off them a bit easyer last time. Good luck Barb let me know how things go. Linda xxxx


Thanks Linda.

I will post a new thread and see what people say about it.

Well done to you.

Barb x


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