No Smoking Day
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Grrrr evening cravies

Ohhhh grrrr here we's from this time of day, every day....I really really want to smoke....doesn't let up until bedtime. Just feel like sitting outside (i know, in this weather, but i don't care!) under that lovely moon...and inhaling deeply on a roll up.... gritted teeth time again...and time for another "biro fag"...not sure if deeply inhaling on a biro is a good idea in terms of reinforcement. Maybe i'll start going to bed at 4.30 in the afternoon and get up at 3 am to avoid the evening cravings. Dammit, i know the whole logical thing around it...but, bloody hell i wish it would soon wear off

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Hi Hilary, it will pass honest it will. I found the hardest thing was finishing work and not having a fag when I got home, used to smoke in the kitchen only, so it was my sanctuary, fag, dinner cooking, glass of wine.

Now I don't even think about it when I go into the kitchen, just the lush smell of food cooking.

I did do lots of reading, eating (still doing) and relaxing in the lounge, but well remember that feeling of wanting to go to bed and someone wave a magic wand so the feeling was over.

Keep going you're doing fab :D


Oh Sara, that's it...exactly everything you said..bang on the nail


Have just given my two jack russells a big bone each...maybe i'll go and know on one myself.

Thanks. It is all about associations with wind down, relax time isn't it. And you are so just want bedtime to come so you can think "thank god for that, made it through another evening"


Evening craves are the wooorrrssst! need to find more activities to do at night and no drinking tea can not be one of them I say to myself.

Biro fags, brill idea just make sure they dont leak on your mouth :p

You can do it Hilary! :)


I get cravings the worst in the evenings too. Its when I used to smoke the most. I had a nice hot cup of hot chocolate last night and that eased it. Also snacking on things. Got myself some carrot batona from asda the kids ones haha some cherries, sticks of cheddar, apples, any easy finger food that's healthy. It seems to help alot


hmm re biro fags....think cold turkey is going to have me letching in the stationery shops....twenty bic biros a day, and a whole highlighter pen on special occasions....if i were a boy, it would put lead in my pencil


Evening craves are the wooorrrssst! need to find more activities to do at night and no drinking tea can not be one of them I say to myself. the same case to me ,


We could end up with a black-market in biro pens. Schools would be a centre of crime with pupils selling them from under their coats to the public. "Want to pull on this little black number mister?"

The school car park would be full of go-faster push scooters and gold BMX's. :D


Evenings used to do my head in too. I resorted to stupid addictive video games and sweets/cake - not the healthiest lifestyle option. But it doesn't last forever, the associations wear off and it does get better.

Keep going!



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