No Smoking Day
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OMG day 3

i actually cant believe i am still here after argueing with myself all day yesterday about whether or not i should have a ciggie,

BUT I DONE IT that had to be the hardest day ever my house has never been so clean lol

my book arrived today (allen carr) so i am going to have an earlier night and educate myself more on what smoking does to us.

THANKYOU VERY MUCH TO EVERYONE YESTERDAY for your kind words, it helped me loads.

today hasnt been as bad and now i am in the frame of mind of i defo dont want a smoke cause i dont want to got hrough another day like that ever again. Got to stay positive cause these craving come out of no where.

Thanks very much again

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Well done Annie...your day sounded like a nightmare yesterday. Like yourself I'm cleaning everything in sight, even my windows ha ha ha. I'm on day 3 as well. We're doing great and can't go back now...roll on day 4.

Take care...remember "strength through pain".

Lisa X


Hi Annie:D

Day 3 was defo the worst one for me, I couldn't go through that again either:(

But it will get better from here. It's no walk in the park, but a lot more manageable.

Well done.



Hi Annie

You got through should be very proud of yourself.

It DOES get easier and easier.




:)well done day three was a killer for me to but your another day closer to your goal:)


HIya Annie, Thats what keeps me going too. I never want to go theough yesterday again!

We all know that if we fail we will try again, because to be honest no one in their right mind wants to smoke. So Just remember that if you give up your quit you will have to suffer it all again.

Keep going you are doing fantastically well.

Lillie xx



Day 3 DEFO the worst !, well done for getting through it.

As Zoe said it does get easier of that you can be assured.

Have faith in yourselves take it hour by hour and day by day and before you blink you will be in Month 1.

Stay Strong and again ver well done!


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