No Smoking Day
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Day 4 managed to get up and not have a fag

Woohoo, mornings are always bad in terms of wanting a took me half an hour to ride a craving but I slapped on a patch and managed to get over it :)

Now I just have to motivate myself and do some house cleaning. It'll keep me busy.

Day 2 was soooooooo depressing but feel much better today especially for not giving in when I first woke up. To quote a really crappy 80's song by Yazz, "the only way is up!".

Good luck to all you other quitters out there...during that half an hour of craving, I was looking at everyone elses threads and you lot have kept me from having a cigarette. Many thanks, your struggles, cravings and inspiration have kept me strong. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Ooops that should be Day 3 but I can't edit it!!!! (I think giving up drives you a bit bonkers).

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