No Smoking Day
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so close to folding!!

What a tough day ! started with trouble sleeping :mad: up most of the night struggling to settle, so went to work tired, like a bear with sore head.

had one of them days were absolutely nothing went right. Getting more and more stressed as day progressed felt on several ocassions a cigarette although would not solve problem would certainly help. stopped in the pub on the way home (clocked the vending machine in entrance way) and had my first drink in ten days plenty of people smoking by the entrance met up with some friends some of whom smoke was so tempted so had to make a quick getaway. :o

Now all i can think about is reasons why i dont need to quit and excuses to enable me to smoke.:confused:

hope this day is a one off because could not deal with another

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You know those days when you get the flu and you're either at work or not. Everything you do takes 10x the effort...and then when you do it, it's shit and everything you do is guff. If that's what ordinary illness does to a body then do you think that possibly when a person reverses daily poison taking by virtue of smoking nicotine may actually on occasion give just as bad, if not worse, days.

Resolve and persistence is what you need at the moment to overcome the whispers of poisonous Nicodemon in your ear. Keep going past these and the more you do it the less effectual that voice becomes until you pop out the other end not having any issues about leaving your stoopid smoking past life behind you.

Regards :)



Hi H&C,

Guess we all get those days in Week 2 so don't worry, it's par for the course. I had it on Day 13 and would have caved in if man in corner shop hadn't refused to sell me cigs cos he knew how much I wanted to quit.

Are you eating properly? I still give myself craves if I go all day with no food. So go on, stuff ya face, I am about to:D





you done brilliant and coping with such a difficult day :cool:


Hi HotAndCold

Please don't think of reasons to smoke. Remember why you started this.

I had a very testing time on day 13 (like Zoe), maybe yours was today?

But you survived it. and you should be very proud of yourself.

It will get better. It WILL!

Hope you sleep better tonight.



Hi H&C

Well done for not giving in today and also for stopping smoking in the first place. That Mr Nicodemon is a slimy little sod, he will try anything to get you back so you must stay strong. As you so rightly pointed out having one would not make things any better so best to stay strong and overcome those craves.

It does get easier, honestly, may not seem like that at the mo, but it does. There will come a time where you hardly think of them and as for craves well they become a distant memory. Never be complacent but you can lead a better life without them.

Like i say Mr Nic is trying it on, stay strong and dont feed him, eventually he will starve and leave you alone.

Good luck


Hey Hot and cold on days like this keep it one hour at atime. this too will pass.its just bad scenery before you get to the good stuff.:cool:



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