Day 2 feel like crap!!!!

In a way am glad but i have woke up this morning with headache, stuffy nose and sore throat so the thought of a ciggie right now makes me feel a little sick. I no later on in the day cravings will come and for the first time ever i have not used any NRT so really pround of myself at moment. Will see my friends later who smoke and with some of the advice on here i have learnt i will use.


Got to stay determined, strong headed, waiting for my allen carr book to be delivered yeah xxx

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  • Annie

    Well done on getting to day 2!

    You need to drink lot's of water, when the craves get bad take deep breaths it make a BIG differance.

    A question if I may? is it advisable to spend day 2 of your quit amongst smokers? I personaly dont think it is a great idea, however if you feel you have the will power the call is yours :)

    Stay Strong and once again well done!!

  • hi Gary

    Good idea i will drink plenty of water today and eat as much rubbish as i can lol

    Yeah it is a bad idea to go around smokers today but i have my brother who lives with me and he smokes (outside of course) he has just had a smoke then and yes i found myself saying go on have one its only one lol no one else will no, but the difference is that this time i am doing it for myself and i no only too well what that dissappointment feels like afterwards.

    so regaurdless if i tell my friends to stay away i have to put up with it at home anyways lol its not fair!!!!

    I have had 1 bad craving already loads more to come but 1hr at a time will do for me. i will be on here alot today haha

    Thanks gary

  • Hi Annie

    This is the place to be :)

    Here, you will recieve all the Motivation , Praise and Support you will need.

    Stay Strong

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