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If I smoked after 5 weeks ?


But, If after 5 weeks I did smoke would it be like the first time I smoked ?

As in:

Would I turn green and want to "Puke"

Would It make me dizzy ?

Will I even enjoy it ?

What "Effect" would it have on me, as my body have been "Nicotine" FREE for

" Gary Baker - Free and Healing for One Month, Six Days, 12 Hours and 2 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 7 Days and 14 Hours, by avoiding the use of 2190 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me R 1*968.57."

I REPEAT I AM NOT GOING TO SMOKE I was just curiouse as to what would happen? as I feel the next "Phase" in my quit is understanding what will happen if I have "One Puff"

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You would probably hate the taste, but about 5 minutes after, would get lots of "fond memories" of smoking.. and yep. It would certainly make you dizzy

That's my bet.


Hey Gary,

I quit for a week once and then smoked. I didn't really like it cos it made me soooo dizzy, but it still took me back to full-time smoking.

I keep feeling curious about cigarettes though, and am being plagued by the 'just ones'. Very annoying:mad:



Yeah me too........I wonder ??

I keep thinking it would probably make me throw up, which is good as it's putting me off even more. I keep remembering my first two cigarettes and how ill I was after smoking them. Must have been bad if i still have that memory after 24 years ?? I do absolutley HATE feeling sick though.....hope that thought alone is enough to make me never have another ever again!




dangerous thoughts your having!!!!

Have you ever heard anyone saying the first cigarette was the best ever ? ..have you ever heard an ex-smoker saying, it was the tastiest cigarette after he stop smoking....? I haven't !

They always have and will taste rubbish ! All you did was feeding your withdrawal , making you believe they tasted ever soooooooo good.

I think the nico -monster is putting little thoughts in your mind , what.... if .......could......maybe....... the one...would it ? .......

You can ask everyone on here what the first one tasted like ! Would you believe it ?


Hi Gary,

I'm a few weeks behind you mate.... just approaching the 2 week marker(ish). It's been a lot easier than I thought so far..... but I put that down to the Champix, I've not really had many 'craves' as such but lots of the.....

just try one,,,, I wonder if I would still like them,,, one won't do any harm,,, etc...

It doesn't really help when my 'best mate' who is also quitting 'supposedly' ? text me at 11.45pm yesterday to inform me that he was just having a ciggie and it was better than sex :eek: lol........ (he must have a poor sex life...:p)

We are like brothers and this is typical behaviour, I'm as bad.... :p

He has quit as such approx 2 months ago, i.e he's not smoking everyday but he keeps telling me that he's having the odd one ?

Grrrrrr..... I WANT ONE !!

Thankfully my 'will power' is holding strong.... but I am 'curious' as to how one might taste etc... :confused:


Hi Gary,

I'm plagued by the same thoughts. The last time I tried to quit was ten years ago, so I can't remember what 'the one' would taste like. Part of me thinks I should get it out of the way, cause I feel it will happen at some point, but then I don't want to undo all my hard work :(.

Dragon, I remember this best mate of yours, sounds like he's well and truly fallen off the wagon and wants to drag you down too :mad:. Stick with us instead, our wagon's going great places ;).



Stop it!!!

Just stop it, you naughty quitters! Any more of this nonsense and I will send you all to your rooms with no tea. :mad:


I know, curiousity killed the (knitted) cat. Or killed the quit. One of the two.

I'm filing the curiousity in same place as "I wonder what it would feel like to smash the photocopier with a large mallet" - a possible option, but not recommended! :D


It will taste horrible, but you'll want another one, and another one, and another one...etc.


It will taste both foul and fantastic in equal measures mate but nevertheless will absolutely do for you.

One fag and that's it. Fact...

I dont know whats with this 5 week itch sort of thing but I woke up this morning (Que blues riff) with the most overwhelming desperation to smoke and its' increased as the day has progressed:eek:

Thankfully my son who still has the Amber Leaf habit is out and about tonight (I really must start intensive fatherly preaching)so the overwhelming desperation can just feck off.

Eat some peanuts!;)



Dont even think about it

If you want to burn someting buy some good aromatic incenses to smell up the room or a candle.


Wanted a fag today due to being loaded down with Tesco junk:mad: so I waved my hand in front of my face every time I passed a smoker and said yuk:D

Still had to carry blum shopping home though but at least I could do it for a change yaaaay:D



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