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No Smoking Day
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Day 1 coming to a close!!!

today hasnt been as hard as i thought it would be but i am no fool to no that every day is different, not looking forward to tomorrow i no what its like from last time, i am planning how to get through my triggers when my friends are smoking around me. This will be really hard and theres no getting out of it either so i have to have pure will power.

does anyone have any advice on how to get through these situations so early on in to quitting.

Thanks everyone

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Dear Annie, congrats on getting through the first day. Well done:D Now your confidence can begin to grow, if you have made it this far you can make it further. First day is hardest, but it's almost over.. Don't give up and def prepare for tomorrow :)


well done annie first day is such an achievement!:)

it is always going to be hard around other smokers so early in quit

need to keep reminding yourself why you want to quit and stay strong

1 hr at a time!! wishing you all best and hope you are full of pride well done


Well done to you Annie.

You don't want to stay away from your friends so when I've been with smokers I kind of study them!

Notice how quick it is to smoke a cigarette. Notice how soon they want another one.

It's a momentary satisfaction they have to keep feeding.

You are off that treadmill!!



Thanks everyone great advice, i will take one hour at a time and i am going to study them. It will be hard but am thinking of how proud i will be afterwards and how jealous they will be lol. When i smoked i was always jealous of people saying they had quit, wishing 1 day i would. Now i am thanks to everyones help.


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